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Hollywooden-Heads: Not Too Big To Fail … And Proving It

I don’t think there is another industry in America more willing to accept self-inflicted ‘bad business practice’ economic failure on its products and itself than Hollywood. Aside from the typical child/family geared movies that tend to have been doing best at the box office for several years now, the rest is usually dripping with politics and lopsided liberal/social justice views that the already strapped ticket-buying public would rather not sit and sigh through while chomping on popcorn, regretting surrendering the $10+ for the preaching and indoctrination the entertainment industry has apparently taken a vow to turn into a crusade.

I am not exaggerating. Just look and listen to various ridiculously outspoken celebrities who bloviate how right their leftist/socialist views are for the rest of us and how wrong and stupid the American people are for not seeing things their way (such as the last presidential election when their almighty goddess Hillary Clinton was not voted for after all their work during the campaign cycle and even after the election results were obvious when they tried to bully the Electoral College into not voting the right way). Hollywood has gotten this idea they are no longer the ‘entertainment industry’, but now part of the ‘propaganda industry’ mostly being run by the MSM news media.

After serving a brief stay in a jail after his arrest at a protest actor James Cromwell insisted Hollywood must now become way more politically charged and involved in changing America the way he and others want it changed … This after injecting the now clichéd “white privilege” and “evil cops” mantras. I guess Hollywood is this nation’s only hope…

Cromwell says Hollywood stars must get more ‘political’ to save their industry and maintain some ‘humanity’. 

He explains: ‘Martin Sheen would do it, Ed Asner would do it. There are a lot of people if push came to shove. 

‘This community has got to get more engaged. This community has got to get more political. More than our survival as an industry, our appropriateness is at stake. What’s really at stake is our humanity and all sentient life.’

In a further outburst Cromwell called President Donald Trump ‘an idiot’ and blamed politicians for not making a tougher stance on environmental issues. 


‘It’s very easy to vilify an idiot who happens to be the President of the United States, but it doesn’t solve the problem,’ Cromwell said. ‘We have to educate people. We have to educate people on the right…

Get it, you idiots?

As I stated above, the American people vote on good products/industries with their hard-earned wallet contents. And Hollywood has been feeling the pain of consumer rejection for years now … and DVD releases and subscriptions to streaming TV services isn’t helping the ‘red carpet’ wankers. Hell, they can’t even get the attention of viewers for their self-gratifying award shows, especially after turning them into political bully pulpits while clutching their cheap-assed statues.

Kurt Schlichter @ Townhall: Politically Correct Hollywood Is Doomed

People say the movie industry has lost its way and alienated its audience, but I’m super-excited about the future of movies, especially in light of Tinseltown’s current trend towards goose-stepping leftist conformity! How can that go wrong?

From fussy fascist fatties like Lena Dunham listening in to stewardesses’ private chats, to withered crones like Chelsea Handler wishing we too could arrest Chinese tourists for goofing on Hitler like the Germans do – apparently there’s no one else in Germany who needs arresting – it’s becoming clear that free-speech and free thoughts are things of the past! Sure, you could Google “free speech,” but the result will probably come back with a link to a long lecture about how your penis makes you bad. Remember, diverse conformity is strength or something.

Well, Hollywood is totally onboard with these trends, and with that in mind, we have plenty to look forward to. Just check out these coming attractions!

Xe-Day: After the racist, sexist, and homophobic nightmare that was Dunkirk left audiences literally shaking, moviegoers are begging to see a war movie that doesn’t just focus on the people who were actually there or things that really happened. Well, your wish is Hollywood’s command! You thought you knew the whole story of the Normandy operation, but what you really knew was the phallo people of pallor version that minimized and invisibled the contributions of trans soldiers of heft! Xe-Day is the stirring story of the she-roes who didn’t let their birth genders or carbohydrate addictions get in the way of defeating the Nazis! With the cry of “Come on you she-males, you want to live forever!” these pudgy paratroopers aren’t about to allow the Third Reich to mansplain away their girl power! It’s no longer just Band of Brothers anymore! It’s band of brothers, sisters, and others! Opening this Winter Solstice!

1984 II: This exciting reboot turns expectations on their heads as courageous social justice warriors root out bad thinking thought criminals like Winston Smith! You’ll thrill as angry college students confront people with ideas they don’t like, and punish and kill them for daring to be different – all in the name of diversity! When this smash hit is over, you too will love Big Mother!


Yes, Hollywood has learned plenty about entertaining us over the years. I, for one can’t wait to go spend $50 for a couple of tickets to sit in a dark, sticky room with people poking at their cell phones while garbage is projected in front of me. But apparently you can, since Hollywood seems to be hitting rock bottom in terms of box office…

Please, read the whole thing.

David French @ NRO: Lena Dunham and Google Demonstrate Why Our Free Speech Culture Is Slipping Away

Culture critic: Lena Dunham’s Self-Enforcing Police State

Michael Rapaport Slams ‘Freedom Fighter’ Lena Dunham: ‘She May Be Making This S—- Up’

But Dunham’s not the only Gestapo-ish, free-wheeling Hollywood celeb-critter that insists everyone else must be silenced and punished for their free speech while they themselves not only exercise but abuse theirs…

Oh the IRONY! Chelsea Handler did NOT think through her call for this law


Salon upset to learn whiny men were right about women-only movie screenings being discriminatory

Since she is no longer ‘leading lady’ material (and that was a brief and weak status for her career anyway) Ashley Judd’s new purpose in life is to go out and look for hyped offenses to her:

Even Hollywood’s James Franco has a real hard time swallowing this liberal feminist college professor’s bullshit rationalization for abortion in the first trimester:


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