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Cuba Makes U.S. Embassy Staffers Sick – UPDATE – Canadian Embassy Too

Well, that Obama/Kerry new Cuba policy has gone well so far. Eh?
Seems the Cuban regime is still stuck in the 1950s in more than just cars and stagnate economy with such Cold War era tactics…

MIAMI (CBSMiami) — Some U.S. embassy workers in Havana, Cuba had to come back to the U.S. after suffering “physical symptoms,” prompting an investigation.

“Some U.S. government employees working on official duty have experienced incidents at least since late last year,” said CBS Radio reporter Steve Dorsey.

The AP is reporting that one possibility being considered is whether potentially harmful sonic devices might have been secretly placed inside U.S. diplomats’ residences in Havana, causing hearing loss.

As a result, two officials with the Embassy of Cuba were asked to leave the U.S. back in May.
“Two were asked to leave and they did,” State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said Wednesday.

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio released a statement, which read:

“The Cuban government has been harassing U.S. personnel working in Havana for decades. This has not stopped with President Obama’s appeasement. Personal harm to U.S. officials shows the extent the Castro regime will go and clearly violates international norms.”

The State Department said they reminded the Cuban government of its obligation under the Vienna Convention to protect diplomats.

While the State Department stayed mostly mum on what the symptoms were, they did say an investigation is underway.

Nauert said the symptoms felt by the State Department workers did require medical attention, but were not life-threatening. Some left Cuba for medical reasons. […]

Let’s not forget in recent years the Russians had struck up a renewed relationship with the tropical communist regime. Those sparkling-eyed Obama sycophants believed the new Cuba policy with the U.S. would put the skids on that relationship. Seriously, you fools? While Cuba has a history of spying on foreigners staying in the country’s resort hotels this smells a bit like Russia. I mean, Castro would deflect to them in order to claim plausible deniability out of trying to preserve the Obama/Kerry policy therein, especially when Trump has shown he has no qualms about reversing/negating the former administration’s policies.

While the media and talking-heads who have decided to become the protectors and champions of Obama’s “legacy” like to insist U.S. – Cuba relations have improved under the one-sided policy that has really yet to be seen, especially in light of this revelation. And facts remain to be seen as to any real improvements in the lives of the Cuban people not under the wing of the Castro regime. Just not seeing celebratory travelogues and reports of formerly poor and oppressed Cubans smiling and waving for the cameras outside their village shacks from there by the U.S. MSM to that regard.


Ben Rhodes has some ‘splainin’ to do on Cuba and suspected attack on U.S. diplomats


FBI investigating after US expels two Cuban diplomats from Washington, DC over ‘incidents’ of ‘physical symptoms’ among American personnel in Cuba


Canadians in Cuba were also treated for hearing loss, Ottawa says amid U.S. probe of possible attack


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