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Climate Change: Al Gore Flops and the New York Times Caught in Yet Another Manipulative Move

Al Gore’s ‘An Inconvenient Sequel’ bombs at the box office, ranks in 15th place … So he’s a sure bet for another Oscar in 2018.

Meanwhile the NYTimes posted a story today about how so much worse climate change/global warming is than first reported … and that Trump would be suppressing this “new” report.

Except that, well … BUSTED (again) … it was released to the public viewing for months

Scientists appear to have debunked The New York Times’ claim it was leaked a secret, gloomy climate change report which it published amid fears President Trump would suppress it.

On Monday, The New York Times published a story saying there are concerns that the Trump administration could suppress what’s known as the National Climate Assessment, a project of the U.S. Global Change Research Program.

The story, titled “Scientists fear Trump will dismiss blunt climate report,” said the draft report “has not yet been made public” but “a copy of it was obtained by The New York Times.”

The paper also said “those who challenge scientific data on human-caused climate change” are worried the report will be publicly released. 

But those who worked on the report are pushing back against the claims, saying the version that was obtained and posted in full by the New York Times has actually been online and available to the public for months.

“It’s not clear what the news is in this story,” Robert Kopp, a climate scientist at Rutgers University who is listed on the report as among the lead authors, said on Twitter.

The Internet Archive, a website that archives content published online, says it downloaded the report from the Environmental Protection Agency’s website in January 2017.

Kopp noted the draft was published on the site during the public comment period, but then taken down after the period. But it still remained online at the Internet Archive’s site.

“The Times’ leaked draft has been on the Internet Archive since January, during the public comment period,” Kopp said. […]

But hold onto to your carbon footprint: NYT Caught Switching Out Documents To Fix Botched Climate Change Article


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