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Reason #3578 Why I Love Me Some Kurt Schlichter‏…

Just when I get completely sick and tired of watching the liberals and MSM throwing their shit this guy always pounds my heart with relief…

Kurt Schlichter‏ @ Townhall: Democrats Don’t Actually Believe in Democracy

Regular Americans didn’t give us Obamacare. They didn’t give us Wall Street’s pillaging of the middle class – we all have to give the money guys our retirement savings to play with because they made sure interest rates were a big .1 percent and it’s our only option if we don’t want to spend our golden years dining on Alpo.

You elitists think you’re elite? Start proving it.

Scratch that. You had your chance, and you failed. Yeah, legal immigration might get you gated community dwellers cheaper nannies and gardeners, but its regular people who get murdered by MS-13, whose daughters get raped by the dozen-times deported scumbag the sanctuary city sheriff set free, and whose children get run over by drunks who shouldn’t even be in this country. It’s the regular people who have to pay for the welfare these people take – and don’t tell me they don’t get government benefits. Even you elitists can’t really think we’re that stupid.

This is about whether all American citizens have an equal say in their own governance. That can only be true when we enforce the law. You either abide by the law, or there is no law. And if there is no law, then there’s only power. Since you elitists probably never stooped to serving in the military, and since you almost certainly are neither armed nor proficient in weapons like we are, which makes us extremely dangerous to aspiring oppressors, you may want to rethink the whole “rule of power” thing.

But of course you won’t – instead, you’re doubling down by trying to nullify the results of the election because you don’t like the fact that you’ve been rejected and that you’re out of power. Except we’re not going to simply shrug and go back to letting you dictate how we live.
Donald Trump is a warning. Trump is the best case scenario. If you somehow depose him via your smarmy shenanigans, what comes along next is really going to upset you. You need to understand something.

Trump is not our last chance. He’s your last chance.

Read the whole thing…


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