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Weekend Reads for the Productive Loafers

The liberals always say we need to travel out of America to understand how wrong America is (or some-such garbage). I say travel out of our nation to fully appreciate exactly what we daily take for granted as Americans.

My friend Charlie Martin @ PJM shares his firsthand experience: I Lived in Germany and Learned This Lesson

Scott McCay @ The American Spectator: The Left’s Breaking Point? We might have found it with the transgender movement.

American Thinker: Hard-Pressed Rural Californians Try Civil-Rights Approach: North state residents take a page from minority activists’ playbook and push for better representation in state government.

FNC: Louisiana cop sues Black Lives Matter after being wounded in deadly ambush

Prof. Ann Althouse: Some of the critics of Trump’s Warsaw speech reject the idea of the greatness of Western Civilization

Kurt Schlichter @ Townhall: We Should Cheer CNN’s Ritual Suicide

Larry Kudlow: Trump Has Putin Over a Barrel

Rich Lowry: Trump Is Winning the Immigration Debate

Tech Freedom: Revived National Space Council Could Mean Space Policy Rethink

Don Surber: Trump speech shows why they hate us … (and him)

Rubbing salt in the left’s whining…

Roger Kimball: Donald Trump as Pericles

In all the manufactured heat and hype that “Russia hacked— er, interferedtampered in our election and therefor Trump is illegitimate”, dozens of states are refusing to cooperate with the commission investigating voter fraud and irregularities. Funny that, huh?

Byron York: Rebel states sell info they hide from Trump voter commission

WUWT: Bombshell study: Temperature Adjustments Account For ‘Nearly All Of The Warming’ In Government Climate Data

From the files of “What A Total Dick Move”: Trump stuck staying at German government-owned Hamburg guest house because Obama administration failed to reserve a hotel last year – and every luxury lodging was booked solid … And Obama is in Germany himself for the G20 meeting with world leaders as if he’s still emperor or something. I wonder where he’s staying.

From the parody account that reeks with truth and common sense…


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