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The Gif That Keeps On Giving: CNN’s Fly is Down as Network Hunts Down and Threatens to DOX Photoshopper

You mean like “Say ‘uncle’!”

dox [däks] VERB

search for and publish private or identifying information about (a particular individual) on the Internet, typically with malicious intent:
“hackers and online vigilantes routinely dox both public and private figures”


If BuzzFeed is correct, it appears CNN’s Andrew Kaczynski outed the wrong guy


This is CNN, folks … and most of the liberal/leftist American MSM. But for CNN, well, they have been building their own Ivory Tower of power since the Bill Clinton era. And now that his faux wife lost her second bid for the White House the cable channel has lost whatever was left of whatever mind they had.

So, this is hard and serious “journalism” in CNN’s eyes/mind, we must assume. The same network that simply cannot investigate any real news, will not expose ‘deep state’ leakers to their reporters, pushes the continuing and crumbling lie about ‘Trump-Russia collusion’, and praised and covered for Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election … going so far as to provide her with debate questions ahead of the event. Now they decide who does and doesn’t have ‘free speech’, most especially is they do not like it. I’m (not) sorry but the First Amendment puts a generalized and collective “freedom of speech” for everyone ahead of “the press”, and rightly so as the Founders still stressed “We the People” always come first, especially with ‘power’… and perhaps foresaw said ‘press’ of allowing themselves to become a tool of tyranny…

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

On the very day the nation celebrates out independence and liberty and free speech the agenda-driven cable news network fascist decides to go after the gif maker and Mafia style force an apology from him and removal of the gif from his site…

CNN ‘New Day’: CNN Promised Not To Identify Pro-Trump Reddit User If He Apologized; “A Nice Thing”

UPDATE (7/4 @ 8:34 AM ET): On Wednesday morning, Kaczynski tweeted out some details of the user: “Need to point out again HanAssholeSolo is a middle aged man. People claiming he’s 15 are wrong. Some are intentionally spreading this.”

As of 8:30 AM the hashtag #CNNBlackmail was trending on Twitter.

Cuomo deleted a tweet earlier this morning where he asked followers if CNN should reveal the name of the Reddit user. He tweeted: “Should CNN reveal name of Reddit user who made trump wrestling video? Had a lot of bigoted and hateful material on page and website.”

It seems CNN is being all joyful and celebratory in this thing. But they simply are physically/mentally/emotionally unable to let it go…

Charlie Martin @ PJM: CNN Appears to Extort Apology from Trump Meme-Maker

Well, CNN was apparently unhappy with the meme. They tracked down the guy who made it. Then they determined he’d made other tasteless memes. Then they got an abject apology from him.

Then they published it, saying: “CNN reserves the right to publish his identity should any of that change.” (That’s an archive link, by the way, as I expect the story may change or disappear shortly after CNN Legal’s offices open in the morning.)

CNN is under fire for threatening to identify the creator of the Trump wrestling video

When you’ve lost Vox over the DOXX threats:

An already pissed-off anti-CNN public is now livid at the cable network for this latest MSM oligarch bullshit:

‘Extremely Unethical’ — CNN Draws Backlash After Threatening To ID Reddit User Behind Trump’s WWE Video


This is ridiculous. Some guy uses a vid clip of a fake takedown and shops the CNN logo over looser’s head under Trump’s play acting image, something anybody else (SNL???) would’ve done in an opposite manner to show Trump as a looser and the kid has apologized for what?, a ‘violent’ imagery against the friggin MSM? But just two weeks ago this same MSM network’s corporate entity funded the play in a New York City park depicting the murder of Trump and no apology? Shut up that’s ‘art’, you ignorant masses? First Amendment rights? This does not help CNN. Nothing can. CNN and the rest of the MSM has created their own mess. And now they’re gasping and griping because we are laughing at them.

CNN and their sycophants are now insisting we consider the entire context of the gif maker’s controversial works. So, when has CNN reported anything in proper context? Eh?

Ace @AoSHQ: CNN Threatens to Dox Reddit User Who Made Trump Wrestling Gif; #CNNBlackmail Trends on Twitter; CNN Denies “Blackmail”

The Bravery It Took CNN To Track Down A Private Citizen Can’t Be Overstated

The network founded by Ted Turner used its vast resources to track down the Reddit user who created the video of President Trump body-slamming and beating up a man with the CNN logo imposed over his face during a WWE event.

Reddit user “HanAssholeSolo” was exposed as the responsible party behind the video by CNN reporter Andrew Kaczynski, and his heroism in these dire times is truly remarkable. We’re possibly on the verge of a war with North Korea, the opioid epidemic is sweeping across America, and jobs are too hard to find in many parts of the country, but CNN bravely didn’t waste its time focusing on that minor and irrelevant stuff.

Instead, it spent its time outing Reddit users. Fake journalists focus on the issues facing America, and real journalists worry about what random people do on Reddit. If you don’t understand the difference, then you’re probably in the former group.

CNN naturally took sometime to pat itself on the back for not revealing the user’s real name.


Just class-A stuff over here from CNN. Nothing says hero status like having to remind the world you could destroy a private citizen’s life, but instead have decided not to. So humble and brave.


Ed Driscoll @ Instapundit:

As Twitchy notes, “Seriously, this is what the media does now? They track down people and ‘threaten’ to post their personal information for sharing content they don’t like?”Sharing content, incorrectly answering hypothetical questions about who they’d make pizza for — wherever there is badthink being thought, the DNC-MSM is one business that’s always ready to swing into action to destroy its customers.

And on the Fourth of July, to boot.

UPDATE: “CNN has chosen the form of its Destructor. A million @4chan guys,” Glenn tweets.

THUG JOURNALISM: CNN Threatens To Reveal Identity Of Reddit Man Who Made Trump-CNN Bodyslam Meme If He Disobeys Them

CNN Threatens To Expose Non Compliant Citizen for Thinking Wrong Thoughts… #CNNblackmail

Is there a WORSE person to defend CNN’s Andrew Kaczynski over #CNNBlackmail?

What the hell were you thinking, CNN?

Jon Gabriel: Trump Has Driven CNN Stark, Raving Mad

Trump’s ‘CNN Smackdown’ Tweet Is Now His Most Retweeted Ever

Just some small sampling of the ‘free speech’ gif backlash CNN is getting…

Don’t doxx us bro! Here are the top 10 Trump vs CNN gifs from #CNNBlackmail tag

‘They’re lying’: CNN statement on #CNNBlackmail ‘reads better in Tony Soprano’s voice’


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