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Not Before My Morning Coffee: 7-5-17

Good morning after the fireworks, fellow Spectators!
Hope everyone had a great holiday.

Now, have a mug of very strong coffee and get to work … Still three days before the next weekend.


Heartbreaking and horrifying…

A New York cop was “assassinated” while sitting in her marked NYPD vehicle early Wednesday in what Commissioner James O’Neill called an “unprovoked attack.”

San Antonio police chief sick of anti-police sentiment

God protect those who serve and protect us.


Reaping what she’s sown: A Month Into Investigation, Kathy Griffin Was Reportedly Interviewed by Secret Service for More Than an Hour … Will they be visiting Johnny Depp and the producers of the Central Park theater Trump assassination play next?

Shut-Up: German Chancellor Angela Merkel takes aim at US policy before G20

Meanwhile: Poland Prepares ‘Absolutely Huge’ Welcome for Trump

Un-phased: Female Kurdish sniper laughs at ISIS fighter after a bullet misses her head by inches

No Bellying-Up to the Sandbar: A new island has formed off North Carolina’s coast

The new island sits along the coast of Cape Point, not far from Cape Hattera’s Lighthouse.

While the new attraction is bringing in waves of tourists, Cape Hattera’s National Seashore Superintendent, Dave Hallac, says that people should not enter the water in between the coast and island due to its large rip current.

President of the North Carolina Beach Buggy Association, Bill Smith, also warns that there might be fishing hooks at the bottom.

Large sharks and stingrays were also reported in the area.

Exactly When Did the Jerk-Off ‘Lose’ It: Colin Kaepernick goes ‘home’ to Ghana to find his independence

I’m Old Enough to Remember when He was Funny: Damon Wayans Jr. faces backlash after July 4 tweet

‘Participation Trophy’ Generation: Millennials aren’t ready for the ‘reality of life’ and suffer from panic attacks and anxiety problems

This morning’s NBMMC post brought to you by unsung WWII U.S. Navy sailor and selfless hero Joe George:


Go out and make it a great “Hump Day”, Spectators, and in honor of every man and woman that has worn an American uniform since the American Revolution (who mostly wore their civvies) to today and into the future…


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