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MSM Tantrums: The Gif That Keeps On Giving…

Poor CNN and its MSM allies in this war against PDJT are vomiting and pissing all over themselves about the above gif PDJT posted on his Twitter page a couple days ago. That’s just so darned cute of the #FakeNews network, isn’t it? I mean, given the fact that they recently had to “let go” a few reporters who ran a complete bullshit story about “Trump-Russia” connections, and that was on the heels of ‘letting go’ a female “comic” on their payroll that decided her photoshoot of beheading PDJT was “art”. Not to mention CNN company also feeds the theatrical beast that recently put on the play depicting PDJT as “Caesar” being stabbed to death … again “art” was the defense.

But somebody photoshops the CNN logo over the WWE owner’s face in this few-years-old scene were Trump played along and CNN and the MSM need their own ‘safe place’ because “journalists/reporters are gonna be slaughtered and it’ll be Trump’s fault”, or some bullshit. The same MSM had no qualms about blaming a #Resist Bernie Sanders supporter/worker on the GOP and not the #Resistance or Bernie…

CNN’s Acosta: Trump Tweet ‘Is Going to Lead to a Journalist Being Hurt’ — ‘He’s Trying to Silence Us’

These people have less than ‘shit-for-brains’, if that’s possible.

Between tearful tweets about how frightened they are, CNN dolts, and others, are taking it upon themselves to try and have DJT’s Twitter account removed, or to have PDJT “impeached” for ‘mental health’ reasons (democrats in the US Congress who themselves are in serious need of mental health evaluations)…

Twitter says Trump’s tweet doesn’t violate its rules

LOL : This Delusional Dem Thinks He Can Impeach Trump By Claiming He’s Mentally Ill

PJM writer Charlie Martin @ Facebook: “Look, I’ve been paying attention to politics since Lyndon Johnson (who talked to press while sitting on the toilet.) I’ve watched Nixon talking to paintings, Jimmy Carter with his sweaters and malaise, Bill Clinton dicking an intern, Obama’s miscreant middle finger.
So, looking at the Trump tweets and the fuss about them, I’ve got to say, no, I actually don’t expect more of a President.”

But the MSM’s/CNN’s dumb-assery persists…


Instapundit has more round-up.

GOP Rep. Scott Taylor to CNN: ‘You play right into’ Trump’s hands

Byron York: Reflections on the president’s tweet

Media suddenly learn the Constitution in the aftermath of Trump’s CNN tweet

Why the media has broken down in the age of Trump


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