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This is CNN: MSM in Total Denial About the Gathering Shit-Storm They have Brewed

CNN has accomplished to slowly and surely behead themselves. And now their final gasps consist of deflecting personal responsibility onto everyone else. Note to CNN: You won’t be taking anyone else down with you, except for the false immunity of the remaining liberal MSM organizations currently carrying the same highly charged political agenda against this POTUS and the American people. And to hold them accountable means you are the evil enemy…

The bulk of the CNN attitude is that they’ve not been intentionally ‘wrong’ about they (or their media comrades at other outlets) have reported, but in ‘accidental error’ (most times in just a slight nearly insignificant detail) in their reporting that we all simply are not intelligent enough to understand because “journalism” is a highly complex world, and that’s why Acosta, et al, are frothing at the mouth and snotting at the nose to not only defend themselves (lamely) but demand respect, mostly because they are ‘the media’…

As if they are above reproach and scrutiny. They’ve dug themselves quite a deep hole, unaware that there is noting supporting it and the damn thing is beginning to collapse in on them. And now the running liberal media, who are not eager to stand at the edge of that hole to save their comrades in propaganda but are trying desperately trying to collectively pre-re-write the history of this MSM malpractice across the board, is to now pre-accuse Trump, and by that the fed-up American people, of any violence that might … MIGHT … possibly be inflicted upon their profession … or “class”, if you are inclined to perceive the press the way they (via CNN’s Brian Stelter) perceive themselves in this social cast system the progressives have drawn. Remembers, in the progressive ‘cast system’ “untouchables” are the higher class of politicians/judges (of the progressive stripe), the MSM, and celebrities (again, of the progressive stripe) and we, the unwashed masses, are never to question their self-imposed authority, power-grab, intentions.

The DC: CNN’s Month-Long Nightmare

The last 30 days have been nothing short of a public relations nightmare for CNN.

The network is reeling after a brutal stretch that has seen two hosts taken off-air, one story retracted and another rewritten, accusations of staged protests, the resignations of three key employees and most recently, an ongoing series of undercover videos meant to portray CNN as misleading the public about the Trump-Russia stories that have dominated media coverage of the president so far.


CNN’s nightmare month continued last week when CNN.com published, deleted, and then retracted and apologized for, an article that claimed Trump adviser Anthony Scaramucci was the subject of a Senate investigation for his ties to Russian bankers. Three key members of CNN’s investigative team resigned on Monday for their role in the retracted story. Lichtblau, the executive editor who co-authored the botched Comey story, was among those who resigned.

Late Monday night, conservative activist James O’Keefe released hidden-camera video that showed a CNN producer, John Bonifield, saying that Trump was “probably right” that the Trump-Russia story was a “witch hunt.”

Though Bonifield’s focus is on health — not Russia — the story quickly took off, in part because the producer portrayed the company culture as one that treated Trump-Russia stories as a hunt for ratings rather than a pursuit of truth. He described, for example, CNN president Jeff Zucker ordering the company’s focus “back to Russia” just a day and a half after Trump pulled out from the Paris climate accords, which was portrayed by some in the media as an earth-changing decision.


The month of drama appears to be taking a toll on CNN’s employees. A depressed atmosphere settled over the company after the three resignations, CNN sources told BuzzFeed. “It’s been a tough week but I’m proud to work at a place that corrects mistakes and values transparency on them,” reporter Andrew Kaczynski wrote on Twitter Tuesday night. […]

Read the entire autopsy report on CNN.

The rest of the unhinged MSM is pissing themselves in anticipation of being next. Hence, the false accusation of a future attack on one of their foot soldiers.

Ruh-roh! ‘Zuck is fucked’: CNN boss in crosshairs if AT&T-Time Warner merger approved

Not over yet…


Sorry, Chuck Todd, But Reporters Are Not The Referees Of Politics

Former WH Press Secretaries Think Live Daily Briefings Should Stop

FAKE NEWS, FAKE FOLLOWERS: TwitterAudit Reports CNN Has 17 Million Fake Twitter Followers

Another Major Publication Retracts Two Anti-Trump Stories

The View Insists: The Press Have ‘Always’ Been the WH’s Watchdog! … Except for those years between 1992 – 2000 and 2009 – 2017 (including 1/2 of the 2016 general election cycle).

Why James O’Keefe Is a More Honest Journalist than the MSM

More victimized MSM victims…

(Hint – She writes for Politico)

CNN Won’t Discipline Producer Caught in O’Keefe’s Latest

Reporter Angered at ‘Near Total Refusal’ by White House to Take CNN’s Questions … That’s why it’s called “privileges”. Once earned they must not be abused.


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