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Demented MSM Continues to Pour Salt into Its Self-Inflicted Wounds

There is so much going on these last few days it is hard to line it up and serve it in a several course dinner style. So then, I will put up links and you can have at it buffet style.

Much of it centers around the self-destruction of CNN, and the breakneck shift of Russia-related focus away from the nothing-burger of “Trump collusion” to Hillary, the democrats, the FBI and it’s abuse of power, and the media’s servitude to them all and the lies.

Here’s a spicy appetizer: You will recall, after the shooting attack by a Bernie Sanders supporter on members of the GOP baseball team practicing on a Washington DC field, the New York Times editorial department very wrongly connected former Alaska governor Sarah Palin with the Gabby Giffords shooting attack in Arizona. Palin joined others, who know better that the paper was lying, in voicing outrage. And now: Sarah Palin Sues New York Times for Defamation

Showdown: Sarah Palin Vs The New York Times

And she’s hired Hulk Hogan’s legal eagles … You know, the ones who took down Gawker in his lawsuit. Here’s hoping Gov. Palin makes a huge mark on the Times. The MSM needs to be punched into the realization that they are not above reproach, and have been getting away with their bullshit for far too long. They love to gasp at the American people that such lawsuits are a threat on the First Amendment, most especially during this “fascist” era of Donald Trump. However, we once had laws that were actually taken seriously and upheld about abusing free speech to the point (and beyond) of deliberate lying with an agenda to hurt someone in one way or another. What the New York Times editorial staff did to Sarah Palin was a deliberate falsehood used to try and paint her and conservatives as responsible for the angry mood of the nation right now, and how the GOP is responsible for such violent attacks.

It is obvious the ‘Trump-Russia’ scam has run its course and is getting thinner and thinner by the day, most especially as it is boomeranging back on Obama, Clinton, democrats, Comey, Mueller, and the MSM.

Trump turns collusion charge on Obama for doing ‘NOTHING’ on Russia

GOP Senator: Mueller’s Hiring Spree ‘Tainted’ Russia Probe: Jim Risch of Idaho says special counsel’s team of ‘activists’ undermines integrity of investigation

Sean Hannity: Trump, viewers hold CNN accountable for ‘fake news’

Sarah Huckabee Sanders rips CNN, media at heated briefing

Salt meet wound:

CBS Throws Hissy Fit Over Trump Scolding CNN for Spreading Fake News

CNN’s Stelter: Right-Wing Critics Are ‘Anti-Journalism,’ Just Pushing ‘Resentment and Hatred’


CNN faced $100M lawsuit over botched Russia story

CNN war with Trump gets personal

LOL! Guess what CNN’s editor was doing while that retracted Scaramucci article was being published

I’m ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille:

The White House has decided to remove the cameras from the daily briefings to the press … and many in the press are beside themselves with outrage, but none more in a state of angst than CNN’s perpetual anti-Trump clown Jim Acosta…

Hannity Rips ‘Unhinged’ Jim Acosta: ‘He’s Looking for Ways to Damage the President’

OUCH! Eric Trump answers question from CNN’s Jim Acosta WITH a question


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