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VOTD: American Pravda: CNN Producer, “Russia Narrative is Bullshit…”

James O’Keefe STRIKES AGAIN! CNN producer caught on tape admitting Russia narrative is ‘bulls*it’

#AmericanPravda is currently trending on Twitter.

Andrew Breitbart would have been bust-his-buttons proud of investigative videographer James O’Keefe and his Project Veritas.


American Pravda: CNN Part 1, Russia Narrative Is All About “Ratings”

Four Major Journalistic Retractions From CNN This Month

Charles Glasser @ Instapundit:

UPDATE: Late last night I posted a short item about a CNN producer admitting on hidden camera that the Trump/Russia story was “bullshit” designed to “increase ratings”. It turns out that John Bonifield (the same producer caught on tape) is knee-deep in an ongoing libel lawsuit brought against CNN by a Florida pediatric surgeon who accuses the network of libel and wait for it…wait for it…also airing an ambush video. The court denied CNN’s motion to dismiss the case (the ambush video was not part of the claim) and the parties are apparently waging war about discovery.

SUPER IRONY BONUS: “The Most Trusted Name in News” sought and obtained a protective order preventing any of the parties from talking to the public about discovery. Because, you know, champions of transparency and the right to know.

Acosta turns heckler at press briefing

CNN’s Jim Acosta Cries Like A Little Baby At Cameraless White House Briefing

CNN producer: Trump ‘probably right’ about Russian ‘witch hunt’

NAILED IT! Ted Cruz tweets just ONE word after viewing the O’Keefe undercover video of CNN

Trump To CNN: “What About All The Other Phony Stories”?

Study: TV News Is Obsessed With Trump-Russia Probe


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