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Orwellian Indeed: New York Times Blames Sarah Palin for GOP Baseball Team Shooting

We are in a very dark era of the American MSM not being their originally stated purpose of being a “watchdog” for the people, to the MSM being a propaganda machine, especially for the left/progressive/democrat party/agenda in this country.

After a strident thrashing response on social media to the NYTimes latest bullshit,, said publication rag has since ‘corrected’ its “error”, but the public ain’t buying it.

You see, the liberal media has become that TV/movie smarmy defense lawyer that gets slapped continually throughout a trial with objections, that then judge then sustains, and then smirks because said lawyer’s intent is to taint the jury with an indelible false perception. We, of course, are the jury of public opinion. In that practice the Times has dragged out a completely debunked, and now pushed-false premise … baldfaced lie … that Sarah Palin’s political map with line-of-site markings on it caused Jared Loughner to shoot then Arizona Rep. Gabby Giffords and several others at an outdoor townhall in 2011.

By the way, it was only mentioned once, then tucked away, that Palin’s political map was not using a gun sight cross-hairs, but a land surveyor’s scope site marking like these…

(**Oh, and be sure to see a related tweet below)

Here is the piece that was hurried to press by the NYTimes eager to

1. deliberately deflect attention, responsibility, and blame away from

a. the shooter, communist-progressive Bernie supporter James Hodgkinson

b. and the fact that the left has been committing these politically motivated acts of violence and death, especially during the election campaign cycle when Trump supporters attending rallies were physically attacked and brutalized, to moments after the election was called for Trump when these assholes took to the streets to riot under the guise of protest, to the violence and arson going on on campuses under the guise of protests whenever a conservative is scheduled to speak there, to stabbings by another Bernie supporter to this guy yesterday (not to mention such rhetoric calling for GOP/conservatives/Trump voters-supporters to be beaten/shot/killed/etc)

c. and put the blame on the GOP by way of the bullshit Sarah Palin premise.

NYT Says Palin Is Responsible For Giffords Shooting. Palin DESTROYS Them. NYT Issues Correction.

Have at it, fellow Spectators:

Shame on the New York Times. Shame.

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  1. […] the heels of the NYTimes being called-out and thrashed for their libel against Sarah Palin in an Op-Ed after this recent […]


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