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Unplugged: The Sessions Session

In other news…

Yesterday AG Jeff Sessions was answering questions in front of the Senate hearing on Russia. Sessions succeeded in making former FBI director James Comey (and democrats and their media) look even weaker than he did himself in his testimony just days before…

Even Opposition Media Concede: Jeff Sessions ‘Wins This Round’

‘Defending my honor’: Jeff Sessions kicks off hearing by ‘throwing down’

Jeff Sessions crushed his Senate hearing on Trump and the Russia investigation

Jeff Sessions shades Al Franken during Senate testimony

Again: Kamala Harris Silenced During Sessions Meeting [VIDEO]

I’m sorry, but I just cannot use the ‘smoke but no fire’ meme were this Trump-Russia collusion/connection crap. Why? Because there really is not any smoke. No, this alleged phantom ‘smoke’ the democrats, liberals, and MSM seem to be chasing is becoming an obvious symptom of the shared and growing brain cancer of these people…

The ugly question: What if the Russia Russia Russia story was nothing?

Smoke but no fire? Somebody was smoking something…


Much of the speculation swirling around this entire saga has been based on anonymous sources supposedly spilling secrets about Oval Office conversations or supposed Russians hiding behind the potted plants. With all of that smoke, there certainly must be a fire, right? But that depends whether the smoke is coming from an actual blaze or some reporting blazing up some prime wacky tobacky. Having hearings was supposed to clear up many of these questions. Take for example the widely reported and frequently repeated assertion that the Attorney General had a third, unreported meeting with the Russians at the Mayflower. That’s been stated so often that it’s basically become an article of faith on CNN and MSNBC. But yesterday Sessions was asked about it and he simply said… no. There was no third meeting.


And? What happens now? Unless the New York Times can produce some video or at least a credible witness who saw Session sneaking off into the cloak room with the Russian ambassador or one of his henchmen that’s pretty much a dead end. And that’s falling into a pattern with so many other aspects of the entire tapestry of accusations against the Trump administration, a group of allegedly nefarious traitors who were colluding with the Russians to cripple the American elections. David French at National Review tackles what may eventually become the biggest question of all. What if that never happened and it was all a fictional tale assembled by the media?

Well, yeah…

If all of the congressional hearings and the investigatory work by Mueller and the FBI reports end up coming up with nothing but a couple of people forgetting to list some dinner parties they attended, then what? French is correct. We’ve been living through a media onslaught for months now which has essentially been built on the assumption that the current President and/or his team were involved in something which is nothing short of treasonous. It fills the airwaves and the column inches of widely read publications on a daily (if not hourly) basis.

You don’t have to look far to find examples. Even with the Sessions testimony producing nothing of value, Politico is still referring to the entire saga as, “the Russia imbroglio plaguing the Trump administration.” Failing to find the aforementioned Russians hiding behind the potted ferns, they immediately switch to the more “narrow” questions David French referred to. Take a look at what managed to pass for “scandalous” from the Sessions testimony, and more importantly what the authors think Sessions should have been asked

Read the whole thing.


The Sessions hearing shows who’s really colluding with Russia

Sessions Accused of Ducking Testimony — by Testifying: Democrats grandstand at budget hearing same day AG answered questions at intel committee

Gregg Jarrett: Where does Jeff Sessions go to get his good name back?

Echo Chamber: Senators Ask Jeff Sessions Same Question About Russians 12 Times

And on top of all of this there is a growing swell of people pondering the necessity of a special prosecutor … AND … that SP being Robert Muller who is far, far too close with James Comey … AND … has loaded his investigatory staff with former Clinton and Obama wonks and donors…

Robert Mueller should recuse himself from Russia investigation: Robert Mueller should recuse himself from Russia investigation

Special Counsel Mueller Hires Obama-Clinton Donors to Investigate Trump Team

Conway Rips Bob Mueller for Hiring Democratic Loyalists

Gingrich: Mueller Hiring ‘Bad People’ for Investigation Team

Swamp Fights Back: Mueller Hires Clinton Foundation Lawyer for Russia Probe

My spidey-senses went off not-so-much when PDJT named Muller to the investigating head, but when democrats praised the choice. And now with the rumblings of Muller needing released/fired comes the left’s typical vile violent call, an example of which we witnessed carried out early this morning on a DC baseball field…

‘The Wire’ Creator David Simon: ‘Pick Up A Goddamn Brick’ if Trump Fires Robert Mueller

Oh, BTW:

Obama’s Meddling in Foreign Elections: Six Examples

Here Are Five Fake Stories CNN Pushed

Becoming More and More Evident:

We Have Evidence That Loretta Lynch Obstructed Justice


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