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She Did a Bad-Bad Thing: Reality Bites NSA Intelligence Leaking Deep Stater “Reality”

As I am catching up on this after my weekend break from the internet and news, I am seeing former federal contractor Reality Leigh Winner charged with leaking classified NSA documents to the media is very anti-Trump and part of the “resist” movement against him, and allegedly a pro-Bernie Sanders eco-freak. So, there’s that.

Some links to follow…

FBI Arrests NSA Contractor for Leaking Secrets – Here’s How they Caught Her

NSA Leaker Reality Winner: ‘Being White Is Terrorism’

NSA Leaker Is A Bernie Supporter Who ‘Resists’ Trump

DOJ charges federal contractor with leaking classified intel to the media

Drudge Report:

Federal worker busted for leaking top-secret NSA docs on Russian hacking…
Easy trail…
How did she get top secret security clearance?
‘Being white is terrorism’…
Vowed to stand with Iran?
Met with Senator staff months before arrest…
INTERCEPT fights source-bungling accusations…
DRAMA: WIKILEAKS Offers Bounty Aimed At Reporter…
First leak case of new presidency…


Nunes on Unmasking Subpoenas: ‘Oh, This Is Only the Beginning’


One comment on “She Did a Bad-Bad Thing: Reality Bites NSA Intelligence Leaking Deep Stater “Reality”

  1. Why does the article which tells how she was caught give away the information of how she was caught? Why are we helping our enemies by telling them what not to do if they don’t want to get caught?


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