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The Continuing Reality Show That is the American MSM

We start off this recent acknowledgement of our inept and often contemptuously politically bent liberal/leftist MSM with the above tweet from The Atlantic. The American liberal media/publications are now covering the much under-reported/completely-ignored collapse of socialist/communist Venezuela exactly the way we figured only they could and would.

Those pesky Islamic terrorists are making the western MSM work overtime looking for tactics to cover their ideology’s ass and protect the Muslims in general. You can almost imagine the CNN reporter and camera crew thinking ‘And make sure we get the kid & the women in the shot front & center… & make it tight so it looks more populated.’, can’t you?…

CNN denies staging Muslim protest, creating fake story after damning video goes viral; see it for yourself

I think “nothing burger” has actually fallen into the ‘negative numbers’ in the below nothing/zero region by now…

MSNBC host implies Trump is trying to provoke a terror attack for political gain

MSNBC’s Sally “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” Kohn ‘light weight’ weighs in on things terrorism and Constitutional rights…

CNN reporter who recently ate human brains during a report apparently has shit for brains. Obviously Twitter is for reminding liberals with very short term memory issues…

CNN clown Reza Aslan calls Trump a ‘piece of sh*t’ for being RIGHT about #LondonTerrorAttacks

CNN Host Who Called Trump A ‘Piece Of Sh**’ Has History Of Profane Tweets

FAKE NEWS: NBC News spins Putin’s answer to Megyn Kelly on compromising information and the dossier; Update

Viewers notice the word ‘terrorists’ edited out of ‘Back to the Future’ showing on TBS


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