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Hillary’s Endless Agony of Defeat … And Bitching and Moaning

Hillary “Also Ran” Clinton’s recent interview in front of a live audience and the rest of the 2016 election-weary nation is getting a lot of attention for her certifiable chronic deflection and blame on everyone and everything but herself in her stunning loss to Donald Trump back in November. Her “it’s my turn” entitlement mentality combined with her refusal to accept the cold hard fact that the bulk of the nation, including a substantial percentage of her party’s base, just did not want another fucking Clinton in the White House let alone this lying, cackling harpy.

At this point, months out from her next morning mourning-clothed concession speech, there are a growing number of liberals who wish the decrepit, bitching and moaning broad would just move on, or walk her cankles back into the woods and stay there.

Peggy Noonan is being quite generous in her polite assessment of Hillary, which actually breaks down into layman’s terms as, “The corrupt crazy bitch is full of shit”.

Peggy Noonan @ WSJ: Hillary Lacks Remorse of Conscience: Oddly, she seems completely sincere, as if she believes the alternative facts she’s peddling.

I don’t want to beat up on Hillary Clinton. She thought she’d win and she lost, embarrassingly, to a man she considered deeply unworthy. At the same time she won the popular vote by 2.9 million. It would take anyone time to absorb these things emotionally and psychologically.

But wow. Her public statements since defeat have been malignant little masterpieces of victimhood-claiming, blame-shifting and unhelpful accusation. They deserve censure.


Oh my goodness, how she thinks.

Oddly, she seemed completely sincere, as if she believes her own story. It tells you something about our own power to hypnotize ourselves, to invent reasons that avoid the real reasons. It is a tribute to the power of human denial. And at first you think: I hope it was cathartic. Maybe these are just stories she tells herself to feel better.

But none of this, in truth, is without point. It is purposeful. It is not mere narrative-spinning. It is insisting on alternative facts so that journalists and historians will have to take them into account. It is a monotonous repetition of a certain version of events, which will be amplified, picked up and repeated into the future.

And it’s not true.

The truth is Bernie Sanders destroyed Mrs. Clinton’s chance of winning by almost knocking her off, and in the process revealing her party’s base had changed. Her plodding, charmless, insincere style of campaigning defeated her. Bad decisions in her campaign approach to the battleground states did it; a long history of personal scandals did it; fat Wall Street speeches did it; the Clinton Foundation’s bloat and chicanery did it—and most of all the sense that she ultimately stands for nothing but Hillary did it.

In the campaign book “Shattered,” journalists Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes report they were surprised “when Clintonworld sources started telling us in 2015 that Hillary was still struggling to articulate her motivation for seeking the presidency.” Her campaign was “an unholy mess, fraught with tangled lines of authority . . . distorted priorities, and no sense of greater purpose.”
“Hillary didn’t have a vision to articulate. And no one else could give one to her.” “Hillary had been running for president for almost a decade and still didn’t really have a rationale.”

What is true is that throughout her career Mrs. Clinton has shown herself to be largely incapable of honest self-reflection, of pointing the finger, for even a moment, at herself. She is not capable of what in Middle English was called “agenbite of inwit”—remorse of conscience, the self-indictment and implicit growth, that come of taking a serious personal inventory. People are always doing bad things to her, she never does bad things to them. They operate in bad faith, she only in good. They lie and exaggerate, she doesn’t. They are low and partisan, not her. There’s no vast left-wing conspiracy only a right-wing one.

People can see this. It’s part of why she lost.

It is one thing to say, “I take responsibility,” and follow that up with a list of things you believe you got wrong. It’s another thing to say, “I take responsibility,” and then immediately pivot to arguments as to why other people are to blame. “I take responsibility for everything I got wrong, but that’s not why I lost,” is literally what she said Wednesday…

Peggy Noonan fails to see that this is classic “Progressivism” on display in Hillary Clinton, and it is strongly held to by many others such as Peggy’s former 2008 historical hero Barack “First Black POTUS” Obama. Progressives take credit for everything (even things they themselves had not an ounce of part in), and blame/responsibility for nothing (especially all/any they were neck-deep involved in). They apologize only to the point of “If I offended anyone…” instead of “I am sorry for offending…” There’s a big damn difference. And when a Progressive (liberal/leftist) is exposed as wrong/lying/nefarious they feign victimhood and demonize the messenger/whistle-blower.

We will never be fully able to defeat this Progressive beast until people stop being afraid to pass such blinding judgement on them and hold them accountable.

Right now more and more Americans are finally seeing (and experiencing) the truth about these fake Utopian solders have been, and continue to be, shoveling into this country, and it is far from welcoming and pretty. As the left realizes they have been busted they still believe upping the antic and tactics will still work, as Kurt Schlichter points out: “The Left Freaks Out As Everything It Tries Makes It Look Stupider”

He is right. These presumed intellectual betters that have been riding roughshod over this country since the pop culture revolution of the 1960s have based everything in their “feelings” which are dripping with hatred, anger, disdain, and even bigotry x1000.


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