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Hillary’s Sloppy Election Loss Blame Addiction Continues

“Not accepting the results of our election is a direct assault on our democracy. Don’t be a sore loser.” – Hillary Clinton, Oct. 19, 2016

The first step in kicking an addiction is not just admitting you have an addiction, but realizing YOU are to blame it the reason for the addiction. But Hillary would rather just keep feeding hers.

As off-the-rails conspiracy theories go…

Hillary Hits Peak Conspiracy: ‘Covfefe’ Is A Secret Message To The Russians

Hillary just doesn’t get it. Half the country was against her all along, before the 2016 election cycle. Half the other half, the democrat/liberal/left, wanted Bernie Sanders and definitely NOT Hillary. And when Bernie went down half of them went for Jill Stein, and bits and pieces maybe for Trump. Others just stayed home with their bongs and tears.

It is seriously quite stunning this woman, who insisted she would be the best person in all the nation … all the world … to head leadership of this country continues to blame everyone but herself for her weak campaign performance, arrogant dismissiveness to half of Americans by calling them “irredeemable deplorables” because they think differently than she does, and her idiotic decision to skip campaigning in certain states because she thought she had those areas trapped in her political lock-box, continues to lamely blame everyone else for her failed attempt to takeover this country. Not to mention the growingly obvious fact that she was suffering from some medical/health issue that she would not address to the public, but allowed her MSM hacks turn against anyone questioning her health.

And let’s not forget it is stated in a recent book (“Shattered”) released by some of her campaign staffers that the whole “Trump-Russia collusion” scam was being planned and created by her top campaign gurus within an hour after her obvious loss on election night.

Stephen Green @ Instapundit: “If I’m reading this correctly, Clinton’s judgement was sound, but women-hating Russians at the FBI forced her to set up an unsecured email server and prevented her from campaigning in Wisconsin.”

Hillary Clinton — tech has to fix fake news

MORE from FOX News:


Here are the 25 things Hillary Clinton has blamed for her 2016 loss to Donald Trump

‘F*cking bullsh*t’: DNC exec Andrew Therriault blasts Hillary for blaming them then deletes tweets

‘Alyssa Milano campaigned for her!’ Conservatives STOMP Hillary on #OtherReasonsForHillarysLoss

Mary Katharine Ham mock-tastically congratulates Hillary for ‘covfefe’ groaner


One comment on “Hillary’s Sloppy Election Loss Blame Addiction Continues

  1. […] Hillary “Also Ran” Clinton’s recent interview in front of a live audience and the rest of the 2016 election-weary nation is getting a lot of attention for her certifiable chronic deflection and blame on everyone and everything but herself in her stunning loss to Donald Trump back in November. Her “it’s my turn” entitlement mentality combined with her refusal to accept the cold hard fact that the bulk of the nation, including a substantial percentage of her party’s base, just did not want another fucking Clinton in the White House let alone this lying, cackling harpy. […]


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