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A Smoldering Revolution the Russians are Forcing the American MSM to Ignore…

The smoldering and growing revolution inside a country that is fully-socialized/nationalized, that the Russians are forcing the American MSM to ignore…

It’s the only explanation for not seeing it covered in our news media. Seriously

Protesters hurled stones and Molotov cocktails at security forces who retaliated with water cannons and tear gas as the violent clashes which have claimed 59 lives continue in Venezuela.

Police used the increasingly forceful measures to disperse tens of thousands of opposition protesters heading towards the foreign ministry as the Organization of American States held another meeting on the continuing crisis.

Two months of protests against President Nicolas Maduro’s socialist government have convulsed the South American OPEC nation, with at least 59 people killed in the unrest.

In the latest uprising, opposition supporters demanding elections, freedom for jailed activists, and foreign humanitarian aid, marched onto Caracas’ main highway aiming to reach the ministry.

But as happens near-daily with rallies trying to reach government offices, National Guard soldiers blocked their way and drove them back with volleys of gas and shoots of water.

Masked youths hurled stones and Molotov cocktails in return.

‘It’s always the same. We set off peacefully and they attack us. We have to respond, we’re human beings,’ said law student Brian Suarez, 20, holding a homemade wooden shield depicting a shooting target with the faces of Maduro and other officials.

‘Here are the faces of the people who have led us to ruin,’ he added, as some women handed food, shoes and other supplies to the young men battling the security forces.

With international pressure mounting on Maduro, foreign ministers from the 34-nation OAS bloc were to meet in Washington, D.C., later on Wednesday to debate the situation in Venezuela.

When that meeting was announced last month, Venezuela said it was withdrawing from the OAS in protest.

Maduro, 54, accuses opponents of seeking his violent overthrow with U.S. support, similar to a short-lived 2002 coup against his popular predecessor Hugo Chavez.

He has called for the creation of a super-body, or constituent assembly, with powers to rewrite the constitution, in voting set for the end of July.



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