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Beef Tips and Gravy: News Bits the MSM Just Ain’t Covering

From the Files Of: “What are The Odds of Two People Involved Being Dead?”

If only the MSM could, like, multi-task and cover democrat news too.

Zero Hedge: DNC Lawsuit Exposes Corruption, Data Breaches, Raises Questions About Death Of Shawn Lucas

Texas Legislature: “I’ll put a bullet in your head”

GOP State representative called ICE officials to report the protesters who held signs that declared they were unauthorized immigrants after they crashed into the chambers during a session on sanctuary cities legislation. As Matt Rinaldi tweeted above he was then swarmed by democrat colleagues and even had his life threatened by one of them.


NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio’s staffer busted for porn of men having sex with kids as young as 6 months – was president of NY Young Dems

EXCLUSIVE: Trump Set To Roll Back Obama’s Cuba Policies

CNN Guest: Americans Care More About Jobs Than Russia

DC sniper Lee Boyd Malvo gets two life sentences overturned by Clinton appointed judge

Dan Rather and other liberals/media types trying to pin double murderer Jeremy Joseph Christian on Donald Trump, But facts seem to always get in the way of reality with libs…

Then they fall back on, ‘But Trump is causing leftists to use violence…’ or some shit. Like this shit…


Ace @ AoSHQ:

Someone, I think Joe Concha, said on Twitter that CNN, if it were to follow its own claimed standards on incitement of political violence (which it never does, of course), must immediately announce that Kathy Grfifin will no longer host their embarrassing shambles of a New Year’s broadcast.

But they won’t — as CNN supports political violence so long as the right people are being targeted for violence…

The politics of “body-slamming”: WHEN AL FRANKEN BODY-SLAMMED A DEMONSTRATOR

Andrea Mitchell has yet to correct these two FAKE-NEWS tweets from this weekend

Alien Invasion: Thousands of Foreigners Registered to Vote (and Voting) in Virginia

Hillary Clinton is making fools out of feminists


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