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The Big Nothing Burger Without Fries

Two huge legal minds, who happen to be democrats, are shaking their heads at the Russian collusion and Trump “obstruction” contrived scandals the democrats and their junkyard media dogs are pushing:

Jonathan Turley, law prof, says Trump obstruction charge over Flynn probe a stretch for Dems

Alan Dershowitz: Come on, no one’s going to indict Trump for obstruction

Clarice Feldman @ Facebook hands them the check…

The Captain Queeg Media”: I’m with Joe diGenova and Andy McCarthy on this. This will help the President, who didn’t do a damn thing wrong.

1. It’s uniting Americans against the Democrats long-standing #LynchMob habit. We can’t roll like the Sewer Rat Democrats, but we should learn to hang together like those Swamp Snakes do.
2. Leakers just got their notice. The only crimes definitely committed are the leaks.
3. Now the grandstanders in Congress are sidelined.
4. The White House no longer has to entertain the permanent “Gotcha!”.
5. The business of the American people–Anybody but the President remember them?–can go forward.
6. The mission statement takes Russian involvement as a given. Yet the “17 Agencies” (which were really only 3, and even then by just a handful of Brennan stooges) have never looked at the DNC server. Why? That server is chock full of felonies. That server investigation was done by a private firm IIRC. Yet Democrats insist that public policy be made from their own private investigation of themselves. Private no more.
7. Democrats howled for this–let’s see if they can stand up under oath, too.

The #LynchMob Media doesn’t like it, but we had 50 popular elections and Trump won 30 of them. But the PermaBlob is going to correct your mistake for you, America.

They are proceeding apace with their Pre-Written Impeachment Plan, which was written before Trump even won the nomination, let alone the election or took office.

Ryan just gave a presser on taxes and the #ProfessionalLiars asked zero questions about taxes, only about how to impeach. Americans want tax relief and growth but the Pure Propaganda Press is only interested in their own agenda, not America’s.

They’re not just trying to silence and control Trump; they’re trying to silence and control you.

Hell no. #War.”

And the RINOs could get left holding the check…

On Special Counsel Appointment, Democrats Played Republicans For Fools: Considering the ongoing political siege against the administration, appointing a special counsel looks like an unnecessary risk that could turn into a major blunder.

And then get the Hell back to work while they still have the solid majority…

Special Counsel Means Congress Must Start Legislating


Trump Impeachment Proceedings Over Obstruction Charge Unlikely to Go Far, Analysts Say


President Trump Comprehensively Understands Who and What is the Opposition…

Three Times Barack Obama Attempted to Obstruct Justice

Sharyl Attkisson Is Mystified By FBI Refusal To Look At Email-Hack Evidence


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