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Find Your Happy Place Again…

Do you recall Pres. George W. Bush for coaxing us to go about our daily lives, and he got thrashed and trashed for that? Well, that’s because we knee-jerk media-driven masses have become quite a bit info OCDs. You can only process so much ‘news’ in this 24/7 non-stop cable news era and social media cesspools, and then you just become consumed and incapable of using your common sense/logic and reasoning because you’ve wrongly put all that aside in favor of reactionary impulses to what you’re hearing/reading and as a result allowing yourself and your judgement to be lead by feelings/emotions. For all the same media’s leturing us over the decades about fighting our impulses on eating and purchasing, or spanking our kids when we’re angry, making snap-judgements, jumping to conclusions, judging books by their covers, being led by the nose by outside influences … well, here we are. It is how the liberal MSM and the left have taken control over us. However, know that you … YOU … are still in charge.

Kira Ayn Davis who writes for Redstate“I cannot maintain this level of panic and outrage for the rest of my career. I’m ready to move out of politics for good. My mental health depends on it. Y’all go ahead and worry yourselves to death. I can’t walk beside you in that. I’m burned out on outrage.”

SA Matthews who writes for American Lens“Except there are many things you can still do to make a difference without getting involved in all the Code Red outrage and nasty back and forth drama/BS.”

Ace @ AoSHQ: “Some Thoughts And Advice About How to Restore Your Chill”

First: Something I’ve noticed time and time again: People get the most frustrated and emotionally angry over disputes which are currently beyond their ability to resolve.

Ever suspect someone is cheating on you? It will drive you batty. You can’t quite prove it. You don’t quite know.

It consumes you, until you find the truth. Then, whatever the truth is, you’re mostly unburdened. Sure you’re hurt and upset, but you’re no longer consumed.

Unanswered questions about big eventful things are distressing. Oddly, knowing the truth, even if it’s not the truth you’d hoped for, is less distressing, most of the time.

Just be aware of this and don’t fall too prey to this tic of the human mind. There are many questions you don’t have the answers to (and which even the Great Unbiased Jake Tapper doesn’t have the answers to, believe it or not!).

But there is no way you have to get that information, nor to influence events so that the answer turns out one way or the other. You can’t.

When people are confronted with this situation — of wanting an answer or wanting a certain outcome — but have no tangible way to influence it one way or the other, they get frustrated and emotional, almost as if emotional exertion can somehow influence events.

But that can’t either.


How all this works, as I’ve said before, is that people with limited, incomplete, and biased information try to start a stampede of people into agreeing with their questionable, dubious, partisan-twisted conclusions. They make a lot of noise — a lot of noise — shooting off their idiot partisan pistols to get the herd stampeding in the direction they want, none of the cows quite knowing why they’re all headed in this particular direction.

It’s a deeply stupid way to conduct “debate” over political issues, which is why the left favors it so much.

It’s also grating on the mind and spirit to have to put up with so much empty noise.
Tune it out. You now know most of what there is currently available for knowing about the latest Dumb Scandals. There is no additional information currently available, and so there’s not really much reason to Run With the Stupid Bulls.

When there’s more information, you’ll know it: The Unbiased and Wise Jake Tapper will tweet snarkily about it.

But there’s really no sense in watching a Dumb Pot waiting for it to Stupidly Boil. It may do so tomorrow; it may do so next week. It might never boil because the Idiots Who Invented the Pot never had any water in it to begin with.

But again, no amount of intellectual probing or emotional exertion is really going to bring the closure one would want. Only time does that, and since time is already working on that, that frees you up to read a book or go for a nice sunset walk. […]

Read the whole thing.

Finally, a dear friend of mine has also had enough of what she is seeing and hearing, and has written this:

My fellow Americans,

I have a few thoughts, maybe a few more questions and am going to try my best to objectively express them and ask them. I’ll try to be open, bipartisan and come at this as a responsible and respectful citizen of this nation that I love. I’ll assume a couple of things. I will assume that anyone who comments or responds; loves everything positive, honest, just and decent about what it means at the very core to “Be and appreciate being an American citizen”… I understand we all have opinions. I also believe that we all have, to a degree, the responsibility to each other to set some of them aside and come together because we all must share our nation amongst each other. I’m not asking anyone to fundamentally change who they are if they believe what I’m saying here will cause them personally great distress. I’m talking about setting aside the smaller political opinions that are turning into monstrous proportions. I’m asking each of us to take a small step back from this fight and examine individually, what brought you into the fight? Are you fighting for what you believe in, or what someone or some group wants you to believe in? See, it seems to me, that many are caught up in too many false narratives and are buying into propaganda that they never would have supported ten years ago. America has many powerful enemies who have blueprints laid out before them, and are using American citizens to build their destructive ideologies. These enemies do not love us, nor do they love America and what she stands for fundamentally! If you are reading this, I ask again, will you set aside any small differences and opinions long enough to read this?

I think that there are many out there who are what my grandmother would classify as “Dirty Spoons”! Her definition of a dirty spoon is one who walks into the kitchen, sees a wonderful pot of soup on the stove and instead of getting a clean spoon out of the clean drawer to stir the soup, they intentionally get a filthy one and with purpose use it to spoil the entire pot for everyone except themselves, because they wouldn’t have eaten it anyway as it’s a flavor that they know they don’t like it. These “Dirty Spoons” will always find fault with their neighbors, coworkers, even family and their claimed friends. Ultimately, they are just miserable. Sometimes we need to just be kind, but also to just ignore them. Then you have a very small number of people who, difficult for me to describe, are intelligent, unfathomably wealthy, manipulative with dark and harmful almost evil ideologies. These select few, having such tremendous amounts of money are basically buying the destruction of America from within. Using charitable organizations through the influence of its own board of directors. Using universities the same way, so that the ideology taught starts to resemble the harmful one. Being so wealthy has afforded masked corporate ownership and entrance into other corporations’ shareholders boardrooms to again perpetuate a divisive propaganda. And better, if those corporations have the ability to speak to the entire nation? Having the company’s core mission statement over decades eroded and changed so slowly that the people working there don’t realize what is happening. Like the mainstream media outlets. It used to be that journalists were dogged investigators, individual and independent seekers of fact and truth which they had clear indisputable proof of. Today they are not really interested with fact. It seems that they are consumed with finding fault, without reflection. They’re objective is to convince their readers and viewers that they are right and their thoughts should be the viewer’s thoughts.

Continue reading …

It seems like, we as a society, have been violently transported back to the days of the Salem Witch Trials. Those days we now know were wholly based upon the fear of the unknown, and of not being a part of the “influential group”. Science, technology and industry were advancing faster than explanation, understanding and comprehension and communication. Those were very dark days, with few people calm and reasonable. Families were fighting, neighbors gossiping and leaders clamoring for political power. Few of those leaders truly cared about stopping the chaos and hatred. Narratives were perpetuating the insanity. Journalists and writers were fueling the fires, without accountability. And in this I ask… “Does this sound familiar? Does anyone else see the similarities? Who among us, American citizens, are willing to try and stop the insanity and be individually accountable instead of fanning the flame?”

Last Friday a journalist asked Sean Spicer what he thought President Trump meant when he tweeted a statement effectively saying that Russia has accomplished its goal in tearing the American people apart. Now, I haven’t seen the tweet so please don’t burn me at the stake if I don’t have it exact. I do believe that Russia “meddled”. But I also believe that “picking our President wasn’t their ultimate goal “. I believe that Russia wanted, more than anything, to see Americans fighting from within. If you want to bring down your enemies, without having to actually physically go into battle with them, get them to fight amongst themselves and eventually they will collapse and split up on their own. Journalists are no longer unbiased. You can see and hear and read it as clearly as you can see the sun on a cloudless day. Yet, though it’s written on their own faces, they are blinded. Reflection amongst our leaders, especially when they’ve not been elected or reelected, is gone. Instead all are screaming for investigation, but only if the outcome is the one that they want.

I put forward an idea. One where everyone, and I mean everyone, must sacrifice, and let go of their own individual desires just a bit. Step outside of ourselves for a while and take notice of what’s happening. Look around, do you like what you see? Is this chaos and hatred and violence; hypocrisy and dissension the American Way? Where does this end? Is it an end where American citizens recognize where they are, what they are doing and why?

You might not agree with part, parts or even the whole, but we really need to start somewhere. And we, my fellow American are the only ones with a stake important enough that if we cannot get to a place quickly where we can begin a healthy dialogue, then we ourselves become… the enemies within. America becomes what? – Heather


One comment on “Find Your Happy Place Again…

  1. I wrote a book about love and gratitude. I wish more people, who never created anything, built anything, and have done nothing with their lives yet that can help others, would stop protesting and destroying and take time out to learn about our founding and our Constitution. We need more love and gratitude these days. Gratitude for G-d and our wonderful free country.


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