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VOTD: This Is Big Broth— er, CNN

Everything CNN’s Kate Bolduan said is anti-journalistic and her physical hand-smacking in Carl Higbie’s face is threatening. Orwellian much, Kate? According to Kate, “Oceania had always been at war with Eastasia…” and don’t you damn dare question us about it or you’ll get this *smack-smack-smack*…

The guy to Higbie’s right is an ass as well.

But THIS is CNN. Have a panel and call it fair and balanced because there are 4 liberals and 1 conservative. I never saw such disdain and threatening posture served on the liberal sitting at the panel desk of “The Five”. I’ve seen disagreement, but never such, yes, threatening actions.

And “the stellar reporters at CNN”??? Fuck off.

The MSM has absolutely NO … ZERO … NADA … ZILCH authority over anybody. They are not above reproach or questioning or doubt. In recent months all those other media entities Bolduan listed off as somehow stalwarts of accuracy and truth have ALL spread fake news, and outright lies, more than once in the last several months. AND, have run with each other’s fake BS, never recanting once debunked or proven completely false.

CNN Host Explodes on Ex-Navy SEAL: ‘Do Not Attack Stellar Reporters of CNN’How dare you question the authority of the mainstream media!



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