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YUGE and BIGLY: Key Industries On a Comback and Unemployment Falling as Economy Begins Rebound

The country, contrary to what the MSM is pushing as political division, is jumping back onto the right track now that a pro-economic and pro-work POTUS is taking back the work growth atmosphere and dumping strangling regulations put in place during the previous administration.

So, get back to work!

Fewest workers getting unemployment benefits in nearly 3 decades:

The end of April saw the fewer workers getting unemployment benefits than anytime in the last 28 years, the Department of Labor reported Thursday in a sign of the labor market’s increasing health.
Just 1.9 million people received unemployment insurance benefits at the end of the month, the fewest since 1988. Benefits are available for up to 26 weeks in most states.

Even more encouraging: Averaging over the past four weeks, total unemployment benefit claims are running at the lowest rate since 1974, despite the workforce being 75 percent bigger.


Low jobless claims are a good sign. If fewer workers are going to state unemployment agencies to collect benefits, that indicates that layoffs are scarce. Because the claims numbers are released weekly, the provide a near-real-time gauge of the health of the jobs market for investors and government officials.

Thursday’s report suggests that more robust jobs reports may be in store…

While various companies and businesses are/will start seeing conditions to operate and grow with far less fear that they have experienced these last 8 years, key industrial sectors are also getting a much needed new life:

Steel Industry, Seeing a New Dawn, Is Cheering for Trump: Stocks are up, and employees at a South Carolina plant are confident in the prospect of infrastructure spending and a tough stand on trade.

Mining Starts to Recover After Obama’s War Against Industry

This is fantastic!

However, on the flipside:

1. the youth workforce coming out of high school is not as available to the idea of working in a factory the way my and my parents’ generations were … or as prepared in basic academic knowledge, in some cases, and even common sense and work ethic

2. and many of them cannot pass the drug testing that these companies may very well demand

We have a whole generation that has not only been weakened through coddling and social promotion, but just has no interest in sweating for a paycheck. Hell, they even bitch and moan about having to fold T-shirts at The Gap. This Millennial generation has been told ‘everyone should go to college’. And here we are with huge student loan debt, ridiculously useless degrees, and high drop-out rates with said student loan burden attached. These young men and women seriously believes the world owes them a living. They are consumed by what they see as a great lifestyle and bank account with the celebrity class in this nation, and believe they can gain that simply ‘because’. Can they get out of bed in the morning, put on a hard hat, and punch the clock to get their fingernails dirty?


Another Record in Reach of Tech Stocks as Big 5 Add $500 Billion

US retail sales rose 0.4 percent in April, as consumers stepped up spending after sluggish winter

The Trade Desk Stock Climbs After Quarterly Results


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