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Liberal Democrat Gals Gone Wild…

They live in a world where logic and reason are mere annoying single-cell bacteria under their crusty feet…

Know what America needs? Mandate gender quotas instead of open and free elections. I’m pondering the factoring in of non-binary, transgender, blah-blah-blahs will want in on this brilliant idea as well…

Democrat Senator Wants Mandated Diversity in Congress: Nevada’s Cortez Masto floats fewer white lawmakers, staff as a matter of federal policy

“We should be mandating diversity in our committees, mandating diversity in our hiring practices, mandating diversity throughout the United States Senate,” Cortez Masto said. “You just have to walk in the room and look at the senators that are there — the 100 senators, right? You could see the lack of diversity,” said Cortez Masto during her interview.

“I want to see diversity at all levels, not just here in the Senate amongst the staff,” Cortez Masto said. “I think those are important areas for us to focus on that diversity because it’s also succession planning. Those individuals can go on to run for statewide office or a federal office at some point in time.”

Cortez Masto’s comments exemplify the progressive left’s fixation with diversity as an outcome worthy of government intervention. This year’s contest for the DNC leadership saw one candidate, Sally Boynton, tell her audience that “my job is to shut other white people down.”

The obsession with diversity has pervaded progressive discourse well outside the halls of Congress.

Even MSNBC’s/NBC’s Peter Alexander was having a real hard time accepting the thickly-clouded atmosphere of Maxine Waters’ (the new leadership ‘face of the democrat party’) world…

Maxine Waters: I Don’t Support Trump Firing Comey, I Would Support Hillary Clinton Firing Comey

BTW: Maxine Waters just admitted she’s seen NO EVIDENCE of collusion between Trump and Russia

There are several members of the US Congress (both side of the aisle, but lopsided to the dem side) that are in serious need of mental health screening/testing … and substance abuse testing. And THIS is not a “sarc////”. I am stating fact. For all their uncouth accusations about PDJT’s mental health these people have been mentally off the rails for nearly 2 decades now.

Nancy Pelosi continues her demented-fueled public speaking gaffes…

Nancy Pelosi stutters, calls China ‘Tina’ — no one laughs at joke about Beijing

Dalai Lama prays for Nancy Pelosi to rid herself of ‘negative attitudes’

Better she should seek a Roman Catholic demonic exorcism. Between Nan and Maxie I can’t decide who is the pin-up poster gal for the mental instability of the dem party.

Speaking of mentally ill…

D’OH! Rosie O’Donnell slams Trump (for taking her advice?)

Then there’s Hillary Jr., who thinks her social media participation is trophy worthy, or something…

Because GENOCIDE is hilarious! Chelsea Clinton ‘sad laughs’ at Joy Reid’s SPITEFUL Trump joke

Hillary’s ‘Onward Together’ resistance group smells like scandal

Hillary Clinton has a right to be a major voice in American politics — but maybe it’s time she moved on

Yeah, and take your daughter with you.


Sally Yates testified like ‘Alice in Wonderland’ at congressional hearing

Modern Feminists: … So Empowered, Yet Oppressed By Everything 

Australian Senator Becomes the First to Breastfeed in Parliament: ‘Women Can Be Both Parliamentarians and Moms’

‘Including the UNBORN ones’: #CelebrateWomen takes a turn the Left and feminists will HATE

What’s the difference between a liberal ‘feminist’ and a pencil? The pencil has a point…

PITIFUL: Sally Kohn’s asinine tweetstorm comparing Trump to Hitler goes about as well as expected

Sal’s partisan ponderings stem from this: Lester Holt, NBC set for biggest interview of Trump presidency after Comey firing


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