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James Comey’s Scandalous Tenure as FBI Director

The Swamp and the MSM are frothing at the mouths over PDJT’s firing of FBI Director James Comey after months of his mishandling and power-playing during various big investigations, and the loss of accountability and confidence in the agency under his leadership. And so, while the DC democrats have their dirty little hands full winding their digital watches and scratching their all-too-comfy career fat asses just a little background…

Grabien News has listed just 10 of the top faults to be laid on Comey’s desk:

1. Before he bombed the Boston Marathon, the FBI interviewed Tamerlan Tsarnaev but let him go. Russia sent the Obama Administration a second warning, but the FBI opted against investigating him again.

2. Shortly after the NSA scandal exploded in 2013, the FBI was exposed conducting its own data mining on innocent Americans; the agency, Bloomberg reported, retains that material for decades (even if no wrongdoing is found).

3. The FBI had possession of emails sent by Nidal Hasan saying he wanted to kill his fellow soldiers to protect the Taliban — but didn’t intervene, leading many critics to argue the tragedy that resulted in the death of 31 Americans at Fort Hood could have been prevented.

4. During the Obama Administration, the FBI claimed that two private jets were being used primarily for counterterrorism, when in fact they were mostly being used for Eric Holder and Robert Mueller’s business and personal travel.

5. When the FBI demanded Apple create a “backdoor” that would allow law enforcement agencies to unlock the cell phones of various suspects, the company refused, sparking a battle between the feds and America’s biggest tech company. What makes this incident indicative of Comey’s questionable management of the agency is that a) The FBI jumped the gun, as they were indeed ultimately able to crack the San Bernardino terrorist’s phone, and b) Almost every other major national security figure sided with Apple (from former CIA Director General Petraeus to former CIA Director James Woolsey to former director of the NSA, General Michael Hayden), warning that such a “crack” would inevitably wind up in the wrong hands.

6. In 2015, the FBI conducted a controversial raid on a Texas political meeting, finger printing, photographing, and seizing phones from attendees (some in the group believe in restoring Texas as an independent constitutional republic).

7. During its investigation into Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of classified material, the FBI madean unusual deal in which Clinton aides were both given immunity and allowed to destroy their laptops.

8. The father of the radical Islamist who detonated a backpack bomb in New York City in 2016 alerted the FBI to his son’s radicalization. The FBI, however, cleared Ahmad Khan Rahami after a brief interview.

9. The FBI also investigated the terrorist who killed 49 people and wounded 53 more at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Fla. Despite a more than 10-month investigation of Omar Mateen — during which Mateen admitting lying to agents — the FBI opted against pressing further and closed its case.

10. CBS recently reported that when two terrorists sought to kill Americans attending the “Draw Muhammad” event in Garland, Texas, the FBI not only had an understanding an attack was coming, but actually had an undercover agent traveling with the Islamists, Elton Simpson and Nadir Soofi. The FBI has refused to comment on why the agent on the scene did not intervene during the attack.

And the democrats and MSM are warning that this is outside PDJT’s power to fire somebody working at his pleasure … and these same ass-clowns want the American people to believe anybody Obama and the previous administration has put in place are there for lifelong career tenures, or something. It’s fucking hilarious, all this alarm and Constitutional crisis screaming of these hypocrites.

But it was within Bill Clinton’s power to fire the FBI director during his administration (and countless judges), and Obama’s power to fire massive numbers of judges and replace them. See how that works? Only democrat POTUSes have the rights of a president, not republican POTUSes. Fuck you.

Meanwhile, the demands for “emergency hearings” has begun by the democrats in Congress: Cummings wants ‘emergency hearings’ over Comey firing

Okay. Sure. Sounds good to me. And let’s call in those FBI agents that have been investigating and have had their collective jaws knocked onto the floor by James Comey’s decisions and handling of the Hillary investigation, for one. Then let’s have hearings on Hillary’s selling of a huge amount of nuclear materials to Russia while Secretary of State … for starters. Then let’s hold hearings on The Clinton Foundation’s massive foreign donations while Hillary was S-o-S.

Both dems and repubs are asking why PDJT didn’t fire Comey on day one in the Oval Office. Well, because none of your damn business. It’s his call.

Breitbart: The Simple Explanation for Trump Firing James Comey When He Did

But why fire Comey now? The answer is simple. The day before, President Barack Obama’s former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper repeated, under oath, what he told NBC News’ Chuck Todd on Meet the Press on March 5 — that he had seen no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government. That gave the Trump administration the breathing room to dismiss Comey — which it simply did not have before.

It is true that Trump did not have an attorney general and assistant attorney general in place until relatively late, but he could have acted before then — though having their recommendation certainly adds weight to his decision.

Put simply, if Trump had fired Comey while there were still serious questions about Russia, then it would have been more plausible to accuse him of trying to interfere in the investigation or cover up whatever happened. It is now clear that nothing, in fact, happened. Monday’s hearing with Clapper and former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates was meant to reveal a “smoking gun,” and produced nothing but viral videos of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX).

The more Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and his media allies try to hype the Comey firing as the new Watergate, and revive the Russia conspiracy theory, the more they help Trump by making fools of themselves.

Yup. Doesn’t matter when PDJT fired the guy the dems and the MSM would have spun their usual bullshit. He did it as best as he could, given the current climate.

Oh, and the guy stepping in and taking over Comey’s desk has his own very serious issues of democrat/Clinton ties and collusion. PDJT better get somebody in that FBI director’s job real soon. And I re-state, I believe FBI agents that have had major complaints and concerns these last several months need to be interviewed.

The fact is, with Hillary Clinton’s human shield, Comey, gone

If I were Hillary Clinton, I’d be afraid. I’d be very afraid.

Something has happened that has drastically changed her position in the world and that is the advent of Rod Rosenstein as deputy attorney general, a name not well known by many until now, although he has had quite an illustrious career at the Department of Justice and elsewhere.

Confirmed only April 25, 2017, Rosenstein wrote the well-crafted “Memorandum to the Attorney General” on the subject of “Restoring Public Confidence in the FBI.” The contents of this memorandum are what many are assuming impelled Donald Trump to take an action he was hesitant to do, but probably should have done, on taking office — firing FBI director James Comey before the reputation of the FBI was even more tarnished than it was.


Rosenstein goes on to quote numerous statements from attorneys general and deputy attorneys general of both parties concurring with his view, but this is a memorandum all should read in its entirety for themselves. Besides being an impressive brief for the firing of James Comey, it also appears to open the door for something else, for that “well-established process for other officials to step in” to lead to something yet more dramatic — the renewed investigation of Hillary Clinton.

The original investigation, under Comey, was replete with destroyed evidence, circumscribed interrogations (in Clinton’s case not under oath), and more unsolved mysteries than pills in an aspirin jar. It also opens the door for a new FBI director to be more forthcoming about who in the Obama administration was doing all the unmasking of American citizens, information that critics claim Comey has “slow-walked.” (If true, it will be interesting to find out why.)

No wonder Schumer was so upset. There’s a big difference between investigating Trump’s alleged collusion with the Russians and Clinton’s use of an unapproved private server for the entire emails, many top secret, of the secretary of state and then her erasure of tens of thousands of them. As anyone with a brain knows she’s guilty. So far, Trump’s not — and considering how long this has gone on without a smidgen of evidence, that’s highly unlikely to change.

My growing hunch has been it was Hillary who was in collusion with Russia, at least in her own mind, and believed whatever she sold/did for Putin during her run as Sec-of-State in exchange for future quid pro quo for him and Russia after she got the keys to the White House, and Putin didn’t deliver.


Comey fallout: Grassley backs Trump, tells media to ‘suck it up and move on’

Liz Sheld @ PJM:

CNN exclusive: Grand jury subpoenas issued in FBI’s Russia investigation

I was under the impression Trump fired Comey to shut down the Russia investigation.

Federal prosecutors have issued grand jury subpoenas to associates of former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn seeking business records, as part of the ongoing probe of Russian meddling in last year’s election, according to people familiar with the matter. CNN learned of the subpoenas hours before President Donald Trump fired FBI director James Comey.

The subpoenas represent the first sign of a significant escalation of activity in the FBI’s broader investigation begun last July into possible ties between Trump campaign associates and Russia.

Howie Carr: This is your reality, Mr. ‘J. Edgar Comey’

Canning Comey is America’s Rorschach test


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