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ObamaCare Dies and the New GOP Plan Struggles

As the usual suspects (democrats/MSM/useful idiot celebrities) scream and rant of the republicans are going to kill everybody with their version of healthcare reform, there are some levelheaded folks willing to offer constructive criticism and facts into the conversation:

List of Obamacare Taxes Repealed

Obamacare repeal effort stumbles into Senate, plagued by philosophical incoherence

Betsy McCaughey: The Democrats’ Pre-Existing Condition Scam

Fact Check: It’s a Lie That the GOP Healthcare Bill Abandons People With Pre-Existing Conditions

Krauthammer: ‘We’ll Be In a Single-Payer System’ In ‘Less Than Seven Years’

Dishonest Obamacare Salesman Jonathan Gruber: Obamacare’s Problems Are All Due to Trump

You May Like Obamacare, But Don’t Forget About The People It Has Hurt: Arguing about this as if beneficiaries of ACA don’t exist isn’t right. Arguing about it as if people like me don’t is also not right.

No, the AHCA Doesn’t Make Rape a Preexisting Condition … Geezus, people.

New York Magazine nearly repeals and replaces piece on rape being a preexisting condition

Kurt Eichenwald: I Want Republicans To Watch Their Families ‘Lose Insurance’ And ‘Die’

Puh-LEEZE! Obama tries to school GOP about ‘courage,’ gets truth slammed HARD

Mainstream media giving health care debate a fair shake?


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