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Not Before My Morning Coffee: 5-5-17

Good morning, fellow Spectators!

TGIF!! I’ll say!

Zero tolerance for “The Force” being with them…

School Evacuated after Kid Wears Darth Vader Costume to Class

When you don’t believe in anything greater than yourself…

Stephen Hawking says humans must flee Earth within century

Dr. Ellie Arroway: “We pose no threat to them. It would like us going out of our way to destroy a few microbes on some ant hill in Africa.”

Sen. Michael Kitz: “Interesting analogy. And how guilty would we feel if we went and destroyed a few microbes on an ant hill in Africa?”…

“Real Scientists” Myth Busters: Why aliens would (probably) come in peace

Just chillax

UAE to DRAG ICEBERG from Antarctica to solve water shortage set to last 25 years: THE United Arab Emirates (UAE) in planning to TOW icebergs from Antarctica to its coast in order to help with drinking water issues.

Lashes up, ladies…

63% of men think women mainly wear makeup to trick people into thinking they’re attractive

Are you game…

The 50 Best New Board Games of the Year

Think before you ink

Thinking Of Getting A Tattoo? These 10+ Pics Reveal How Tattoos Age Over Time

Spicy kitchen lingo…

This Kraft Ad Geared Toward Moms Who Swear Is F*cking Hilarious

This NBMMC post brought to you by coming new releases…

From Prometheus to Resurrection to Alien Covenant: the Alien story so far

Go out and make it a great Friday, Spectators!!!


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