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“Free Speech” in America on Its Death Bed with U.S. Colleges Forcing a DNR on the Constitutional Right

And what’s worse is the enabling of these campus fascists by the local police who are being told to “stand down” by their higher-ups and not be the law and order authority to keep the peace in these venues.

And the MSM only highlights “violence” if/when conservative speech decides to stand up for itself…

UC Berkeley Gears Up For Violent Protests Over Coulter Speech Cancellation

I love how these writers try to lump the “far-right” in with the “far-left”. The Conservatives are not committing the violence, nor are we trying to silence anyone. And of course the UCB police will not be standing down for this one.

Here’s What Ronald Reagan Did When College Kids Went Ape At UC-Berkeley: As governor of California, Ronald Reagan had to deal with rioting at UC-Berkeley. He sure didn’t tell police to stand down, like officials have for recent protests of conservative speakers.

Ann Coulter: My allies “ran away” at Berkeley

The MSM, whose lifeblood is rooted in the First Amendment’s free speech rights, is aiding and abetting in this campus fascist thuggery to silence the opposition. Of course, the New York Times leads the horrifically false premise charge in this next phase of attacking free speech for all in this nation:


HotAir: Out: It’s a grassroots movement! In: So what if the protesters are paid?

Portland rose parade canceled after ‘antifascists’ threaten Republican marchers…

AoSHQ: The Snowflake Test

FIRE investigative report: Alarming free speech climate at Tufts a warning to students at all private campuses (VIDEO)

‘Emotional Labor’ Gets Organized at California’s Scripps College: Resident advisers at the women’s school call a strike, and campus tour guides join the action.

Have a blast at college, high schools’ classes of 2017…

Liberal … LIBERAL Alan Dershowitz’s stark warning regarding college campuses from just a year ago. How far we have moved in that direction, huh?


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