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The Legalized Drug Trap…

Hey! Guess what?

“Drugged driving” now eclipses ‘drunk driving’ in DUIs around the nation. Ain’t that a hoot? And guess what else … atleast 1/3 of it is due to marijuana. But I’m also noticing we aren’t seeing the crime stats breakdowns with under the pot influence coming out of those venues that have legalized marijuana. A friend points out, “They legalized it without any baselines of how much THC could safely be in a driver’s system.” And unlike sobering-up from alcohol, THC stays in the fatty tissue of the human body for a bit long after intake. And in-taking it in different forms is also a factor in its potency, smoking vs eating.

It is not just pot, but prescription opioids and street heroin (my region one of the worst in the nation in usage and overdoses to the point of EMS and other medical professionals tearing their hair out).

However, the old ‘poo-pooed’ adage regarding marijuana as a gateway drug to the others has really taken on traction with this explosion of drug abuse rates in the nation.

The Case Against Legalizing Marajuna

Meanwhile, more simple common-sense brilliance from Sen. Ted Cruz:


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