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Not Before My Morning Coffee: 4/26/17

Good “Hump Day” morning to ya, fellow Spectators!

Get your coffee on for the mid-week and cruise through the rest of the week. Going to actually hit near 80 degrees here today in NE Ohio!!! Little league baseball and soccer are winding up. I’m pumped!

Some headlines for dunking in your choice brew:

Space Junk…

The final dive: Cassini probe dives through Saturn’s rings

The ultimate Chinese take-out: China is in talks with Europe about launching a lunar settlement

Building space materials: NASA Is Developing 3D-Printed Chain Mail to Protect Ships and Astronauts

Liberal/Progressive/Socialist Fascist Junk…

Uber-Selective Free Speech: NYT Publishes Speech Suppression Advocacy

Progressive fascist group think: The Matrix: Why The New York Times & New Republic Joined Howard Dean’s Anti-Free Speech Crusade

More Obama “red lines”: Josh Earnest royally steps in it with prediction about Obama

When you hear all these snowflakes bitching and moaning about their high/unpaid student loan$ do you think they really have a serious look at who/what the reason is for their debt? Start first with the fact these kids typically take out the full amount of loan money every time and blow it on non-college items. Then the salary demands of all those professors. And crap like this…

Audit them all: Napolitano’s UC hid $175 million while demanding money, audit says

Federal Hog Slop: Government Employee Salaries Outpace Private-Sector Salaries by Double Digits for Similar Work – Report says government could save money by reducing wages for overpaid federal workers

You say you want gov-run universal single payer in the U.S., huh: Smokers and obese patients face more curbs on NHS surgery

Today’s NBMMC post brought to you by “Old School” kids that grew up to fight two world wars…

Go out and make it a great Wednesday, Spectators!


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