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FNC: The O’Reilly Purge So Far…

Follow-up to previous post.

I’m really a little tired of this subject, but it is important in that there is an underlying core to this whole thing, besides the left’s tactical elimination of the man.

Look, I am only defending the man in the context of yet more fake and opportunistic liberal outrage over something they excuse/gloss-over/bury with men on their side of the political wall … Bill Clinton (and there are volumes), Ted Kennedy (his own chapters in the Kennedy clan males volumes), Ted Turner, Chris Matthews (See: Daily Kos: Chris Matthews’ Greatest Sexist Hits, as I refuse to link), etc…

Clinton operative and far-lefty David Corn as recently as last night on Twitter:

Special Report – Sponsors Ditch Bill O’Reilly, Partner With Bill Clinton

Prof. William A. Jacobson @ Legal Insurrection blog explains: Here’s why Rush survived pressure on advertisers while O’Reilly didn’t: The two cases are not alike, except for the organized advertiser pressure tactics used.

Rush Limbaugh: Ask Yourself Why Left-Wing Media Personalities Are Never the Target of Advertiser Boycotts

Rupert Murdoch, shortly after the Roger Ailes sexual harassment allegations dust-up, pretty much handed control over to his two über-liberal sons, and by marital proxy their equally über-liberal wives


THR: Michael Wolff: It’s James Murdoch’s Fox News Now

END OF AN ERA: Murdoch Family Fires Bill O’Reilly – Promotes Bob Beckel and Juan Williams

Bill O’Reilly’s Leaked Email Shows Last-Minute Effort to Save His Job

And now Pres. Donald Trump is being blamed for O’Reilly’s demise:

How Trump Blew Up the Conservative Media: Inside the new power dynamics roiling Fox, Breitbart and the Wall Street Journal.

Um … HUH???

But don’t cry too many tears over Bill O’Reilly. He will survive quite well, and he’s not more stupid than his cheeky sexist verbal jabs at female staffers…

CNN: You won’t believe how much O’Reilly will get to leave Fox; Update: $25M, says NBC

At least. The guy had only recently signed like a $200M contract with FOX News Corp. I ponder if O’Reilly might not be having a think tank with his lawyer(s) over a courtroom battle with his now former boss(es) whom he almost single-handedly helped grow and bolster the cable news channel to a longstanding highest rated network for the last 20 years.

But, of course, a tax-paid leftist Congress-critter believes they can dictate how/when/why private companies and their employees settle their personal business contracts…


While the liberal MSM gloated over Bill O’Reilly’s departure from Fox News Channel this was the front page of Drudge Report…

Let that sink in. To the LMSM in this country grabbing and celebrating somebody’s job loss for poor behavior and eagerly contemplating more silencing of their media opponents is far more important than addressing the real and dangerous issues in various corners around the globe…

And then there are those ‘wigged’ out amateur ‘shrinks’ on the left:

Maxine Waters: There’s something ‘psychologically wrong’ with Bill O’Reilly

Oh! No you didn’t!



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