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Tell Me Again How Many Times Obama’s “Red Line” in Syria was Allowed to be Violated Without Consequence

(1:30 marks the subject on Trump’s bombing of Syria)

Fareed Zakaria: Two Obama officials told me he would have ordered a Syria strike just like the one Trump ordered

Again, the fact remains, Barack Obama did nothing every time Assad crossed Bam’s imaginary ‘red line’ on chemical weapons use in Syria. Nothing. So, this CNN idiot’s assertion is complete and total bullshit. For eight years the Obama administration, and Obama’s liberal MSM patsies, took credit for successes and good results they had nothing to do with, while shoving off responsibility for their own failed policies on others outside their orb. And here is the “After America” author trying to give credit to Barack Obama for Pres. Trump’s bombing of Syria after the latest chemical attack on Syrian civilians. This is so fucking absurd I’m too breathless to muster a laugh.


Obama ‘red line’ erased as Bashar Assad’s chemical weapons use goes unchecked by U.S. military: President mentions no possibility of strikes on Syria, expects Russian intervention

Which led to the Russians actually allying with Assad, and then this……..

Syrians Continue to Die Because Barack Obama Lied: Democratic falsehood that ‘Bush Lied, People Died’ made confronting Assad’s WMD threat more difficult


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