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The Crucifixion of Jesus Christ: “Eli, Eli, lema sabachthani?”

Today is “Good Friday” in the Christian/Catholic faith. It is the recognized day that Jesus Christ was tortured and died on the Roman cross for our sins, opening the gates of Heaven for all those souls trapped by man’s sin.

Ever since I was a very young child in the first grade of Catholic grade school I became aware, really, of Jesus Christ. But aside from the lovely endearing Christmas imagery of the Baby Jesus’s birth, it was quite a horrific shock to my 6 year old psyche the stark imagery of Jesus’s torture and death. But when I was young I was still puzzled how, exactly, three nails through a man’s palms and his feet could cause death … Many times as I was sitting at Mass and gazing up at the Crucifix with an image of Christ nailed to it behind the altar, and when attending ‘The Stations of the Cross’ as we took the step-by-step history of Good Friday and Jesus’s death. As I became an adolescent I began to understand the physiological workings of death by crucifixion, and the endless length of pain and suffering on those that died by the method of torturous execution. Jesus was just one of many that came before Him, and many who came after, who were put to a merciless death by this method. And this barbaric practice continues today in Islamic enclaves around the world as punishment for Christians and apostates…

Just last year on Good Friday terror group ISIS tried to make a mockery of Our Lord’s crucifixion by crucifying a Catholic Priest…

ISIS ‘crucifies Catholic priest on Good Friday’ after kidnapping him from old people’s home where four nuns were shot dead

When I heard this news I pondered Fr. Tom repeating many of the things Jesus has said as He died on the cross, before he too died. I pondered if Fr. Tom asked God to forgive his executioners, as Christ had asked His Father to on this day.

These articles describe the deadly workings of crucifying a person:

A Physician’s View of the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ

“How did crucifixion kill?”

The article doesn’t mention how the Romans would tire of waiting around for the crucified to finally die, and would go about breaking the legs of the crucified in order to hasten the deadly strain and stress on the upper body that would lead to lung and heart failure. However, as Scripture tells us, they did not break the legs of Jesus that day…

What’s Important about Jesus Not Breaking Any Bones?

This command—that the Passover lamb not have its legs broken—carries symbolic weight. When Jesus, whom John the Baptist proclaimed to be “the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world” (John 1:29), was crucified, not one of his bones was broken. John 19:31-34 tells us that when the soldiers came to Jesus to break his legs to hasten his death, they found that he was already dead, so they pierced his side with a spear but did not break his legs.

As John testifies, “These things happened so that the scripture would be fulfilled: ‘Not one of his bones will be broken’” (John 19:36). The Exodus 12:46 rule is also echoed prophetically in Psalms 34:20: “He protects all his bones, not one of them will be broken.” To the last detail of his death, Jesus fulfilled the prophecies concerning the Messiah, verifying that he was, as John the Baptist claimed, the sacrificial Lamb of God.

Why? Why would Jesus’s Heavenly Father allow His own Son made of flesh and blood to die in such a lowly, horrific and torturous manner? Because the story is true, and has survived the over two Millenniums since it’s event. It is a reminder that no matter how bad your mortal sin(s), if this one good Man could leave behind this world and enter Paradise, you can too with a simple surrender of your sins … As Jesus even informed the two criminals hanging on crosses beside Him…

“Amen, I say to you that today you shall be with me in Paradise.”

But redemption only comes if you recognize that you have sinned and are truly sorry and genuinely ask for forgiveness. One of the men asked Jesus for that forgiveness after recognizing his own deserving of punishment…

The Last Seven Expressions of Jesus Christ on the Cross: Here are the most sacred phrases spoken by Our Lord and Savior as He died for the forgiveness of our sins


Easter and Holy Week: What Skeptics Get Wrong About the Crucifixion


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