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Monday Madness Headlines

I’ll start it off with a local story from my area this morning:

Big case in my area: An alleged rapist of a little girl and a triple murder (torched the grandparents’ home with them and the 10 yr old rape victim inside) was appearing at Mahoning County Courthouse in downtown Youngstown this morning for a pretrial hearing when he jumped from the inside fourth floor balcony to his death on the first floor rotunda below.
May God have mercy on his soul because God knows he had no mercy on anyone he touched…

Youngstown triple murder defendant jumps off court balcony, dies

More trash…

Racist murder Dylann Roof Pleads Guilty To State Murder Charges

Between this and insisting “climate change/global warming” “deniers” must be put on trial and imprisoned, hell, put to death…


They keep saying that word … “free” … I don’t think it means what they want YOU to think it means…
Also, worth mentioning, all the other countries in Europe that offer ‘free’ tuition for college are in economic trouble. Socialism is fantastic, until you run out of other people’s money, As “Maggie T.” used to say.

New York offers free college tuition. So do these countries

More Mount Everest self-important stupidity done by self-absorbed people… He thinks he’s doing good for the environment, or something…

British DJ to perform world’s highest gig on Everest

What took so long…

Gloria Allred Being Probed by State Bar, Ex-Client Says

Not ‘terror in the skies’ but before even taxing the tarmac…

United passenger forcibly removed from flight after refusing to give up seat


HA! Jonah Goldberg shares a clip from United’s ‘new ad’

Someone ‘fixed’ United’s statement for them (R-Rated but HILARIOUS)

Meanwhile, in my neck of the woods again, “Big Foot”…

Photo leads group to Bigfoot search in Ohio; Party hopes to ‘prove to the world’ it exists


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