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Overlords of Darkness

Kurt Schlichter: Democrats Seek to Make the Enlightenment Die in Darkness

If you just accept that everything progressives say is a lie designed for the sole purpose of enhancing their power, your life will be a lot more pleasant. You are going to be able to relax, secure in the knowledge that you are not hearing things, that up is not down, that you are not crazy, because you understand that each individual syllable leftists utter is a self-contained capsule of pure deception. And once you embrace that reality, you will see clearly that as a conservative dedicated to truth, personal liberty, and our Constitution, your only course of action is to destroy their putrid ideology and crush their hideous pinko dreams before their beady eyes.

Maybe that will convince them that they should return to a politics based upon rights and reason instead of pure power, but if it doesn’t, so what? You’ve still destroyed their putrid ideology and crushed their hideous pinko dreams, and thereby kept yourself and your fellow patriots from the perma-serfdom or worse that they intend for us. No, we won’t lose unless we give up, and the only way we will give up is if they pester us into submission.

Time to get conserva-woke to the new reality. Time to stop pretending that leftists are participating in good faith in what was the old paradigm of American politics. They aren’t, and we can’t go on as if they are. Understand that; don’t be some whiny, bow-tied conserva-dork pretending our current system is anything but the Octagon – and we better choose to be Chuck Norris. We’re just blessed that those who wish to make us serfs decided to conduct their coup using unelected bureaucrats and PC nagging as their primary weapons systems. Luckily, we now have all three branches of the government and a whole bunch of AR-15s.


Oh, there was a time when we had a system composed of laws and rules and norms and customs, some formal (in the form of statutes and the Constitution) and some informal, like shared commitments to the rule of law, to media objectivity, and to reason. But now we don’t…


And don’t even start on about the media’s commitment to objectivity…


But it is progressives’ total rejection of the norm of reason that is the real problem. It’s actually a wholesale rejection of the Enlightenment by those who babble loudest about being enlightened. Facts, evidence, logic – they have determined that these are horrendous obstacles to the imposition of their progressive dictatorship, and they are trying their best to stamp them out. In the place of offering Fact A and Fact B as the reasons to accept Conclusion C, they instead offer Hack Cliché A to lead to Pre-determined Conclusion B – as in “Be Silent and Obey Us.” […]

Just an example of “Progressive”-think from our democrat legislators:

In other words, Judge Gorsuch uses the law to guide him, not feelings.


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