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Not Before My Morning Coffee: 04-06-17

Good Morning, Fellow Spectators!!!

How’s the weather where you are? Here in NE Ohio it’s in the 50s and raining, again, and tomorrow and Saturday it’s supposed to be in the 30s and snow! Then Come the beginning of next week we are heading into the 70s. Hey, it’s Ohio … a meteorologist’s and climate change activist’s nightmare.

Well, as we Buckeyes say: “You don’t like the weather in Ohio wait a minute…”

Here are some jiggly bits in the news:

Nuttin’ but love for the former First Lady and her ‘natural’ hair…

Michelle Obama Sports Her Natural Hair and the Internet Loves It

Nuttin’ but jealousy, resentment, and hate for the current First Lady…

CNN Correspondent Criticizes Melania — Claims It’s ‘Not A Criticism’ [VIDEO]

Boston Globe’s investigation into Melania Trump’s crossed arms blows lid off American arm crossing

And yours truly got Twitchy-ed

The Obama cavalry is circling the wagons around their beloved TV liar as she is under fire for abuse of her position as Obama’s

Valerie Jarrett lays out case for why ‘we should thank’ Susan Rice

But Val Jar’s not alone in her stand-up comedy routine…

Remember now, this is the guy who helped the Obama administration lie to the American people for 8 years, from ObamaCare to the Iran nuke deal, and added his voice to the administration’s and media’s incessant “blame Bush” for their own failures.

It ain’t officially liberal rampage until the MSNBC clown posse and guest monkeys start throwing their “sexist”/”racist” shit, dontcha know…

MSNBC personalities suggest Rice attacks related to race, gender

All this liberal MSM and democrat outrage over people implying Susan Rice did something nefarious with intel data and just might be in legal trouble (the whole ‘orange jumpsuit’, etc) have brain farts over their 8 years of demanding frog marches, jumpsuits, and public executions during the Bush administration … and now with the Trump administration. Go fuck yourselves, Matthews, et al.

Dixie Chick front hen Natalie Maines has joined the rest of the liberal cluckers, such as Barbra Streisand and Lena Dunham, blaming Donald Trump for their personal problems…

Speaking of Lena Dunham: “Repulsive Blob of Flesh Calls Unborn Child “Parasite Growing Inside You”

Real bad call … Really stupid ad. Buy Coke stock…

Kendall Jenner’s Pepsipocalypse

Dan Rather’s getting a lashing for this photo from his younger days…

This Ain’t Hell Blog: Dan Rather, The Phony Marine

Trans-Emmy: Now the Emmys get to deal with who qualifies as an “actor” or “actress”

And now the movie, folks:

The New Dune Movie Is Being Written By the Man Who Wrote Forrest Gump

Shia LaBeouf Thriller ‘Man Down’ Sells Just One Ticket at U.K. Box Office

UPDATE: Shia LaBeouf’s ‘Man Down’ Sells Additional Two Tickets

Sir Michael Caine: Brexit ‘was about freedom’

“Roman Polanski, pick up on line 3. It’s Alec Baldwin…”

This morning’s NBMMC post brought to you by “The Walking Dead” zombie burps:

That moment Negan spots “the widow” as he’s trying to make his escape from Alexandria…

Promises … Promises…

Go out and make it a great Thursday, Spectators … No matter the weather!!!


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