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Meanwhile: Nukes and Nunes

With the dems it’s always do as I say not as I do. Anyhow, the GOP needs to send Harry Reid a case of whatever he drinks while having the shit kicked out of him by exercise equipment.

Oh, and I am seriously sick-tired-over hearing dems and the LMSM saying “Garland’s SCOTUS seat was stolen” by the GOP/Gorsuch. Pure bullshit. Note to these fools: NO seat in any level/branch of the US government belongs to anyone. Not one. Government belongs to “We the people”. This is WTF’s wrong with liberal minds…

SUPREME SHOWDOWN: Republicans deploy ‘nuclear option’ on Gorsuch after filibuster

AoSHQ: Nuclear Option Affirmed; Senate Will Now Proceed to Vote on New Rules

Update: Schumer’s stall on the nuclear option vote failed 52-48 — which makes me believe that will also be the vote on the nuclear option. 52-48 — complete party-line voting on both sides.

If a Susan Collins wanted more time to stall for a “deal” to avoid the nuclear option, she could have just voted for Schumer’s stall tactic. It’s just five hours, after all.

But she didn’t.

Seems like everyone on our side is now ready to Do This.

Now let’s Do This!

And the GOP can send an empty case of nothing to Chuck Schumer…

STOP! Chuck Schumer’s claim about Dems and Gorsuch overheats BS detectors

McConnell Is Finishing What Schumer Started: Fifteen years ago, Chuck Schumer picked a fight over judicial nominees. This week, Mitch McConnell is ending it for good.

And then there’s this:

Pretty sure that bald-faced lying slug Adam Schiff needs to go now…

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes … stepped down temporarily from his role leading the committee’s probe of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential campaign and possible surveillance of Trump associates by the prior administration.


‘On fire right now’: The @NRSC is using old tweets to mock Dem Senators over Gorsuch filibuster

Life comes at you fast: Sally Kohn claims Dems wouldn’t go nuclear, gets NUKED with her own tweet

FLASHBACK: Harry Reid Calls What He Did Today To Senate’s Filibuster Rules “Un-American” And “Illegal”…


WATCH: Katie Pavlich has a THEORY on Nunes having to step down from Russia investigation


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