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BREAKING: U.S. Launches Cruise Missiles on Syrian Airbase

I can say I am impressed he didn’t first give Syria a “Don’t make me come in there” (See:’red line’) before coming in with the wooden spoon.

Over 50 U.S. Tomahawk cruise missiles have been launched from two U.S. Navy ships in the Mediterranean in a targeted strike on a Syrian airfield where chemical weapons were being stored. This comes in response to a chemical weapons attack on Syrian civilians, killing roughly 100, a couple days ago by the Syrian military.

Well, POTUS Donald J. Trump is now finding out exactly what “Damned if you do, damned if you don’t” means.

Yeah, he said “stay out of Syria” during the campaign, but now he’s getting intel briefings.

But then we never ever saw what was on the other side of Obama’s “red line”. Maybe if there really actually was another side of that red line we might not be bombing Syria tonight.

Whatever footage or photos you’ve seen these last couple days…

… just know our intelligence has shown him more that are worse.

And a reminder, we have hundreds of our own military boots on the ground in Syria, some very near where the chemical attack was carried out. Pres. Trump felt he needed to take out the weapons before they could be used, and to protect our people as well as innocent Syrian civilians, and send a strong and concise message to al Assad and the rest of the region (and perhaps even the NorKs) that he will be taking no shit, as was taken for the eight prior years.

Also, in the last few days Pres. Trump has met with leaders from Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Egypt, and is meeting with the leader of China now.


Just want to remind everyone that during obama’s second administration Russian fighter jets have frequently zoomed out west coast. And in Barry’s waning years before leaving office their navy ships were cruising off our east coast…

Russia warns of ‘negative consequences’ if U.S. targets Syria

Trouble in Syria: Moscow Backs Away from Assad, “Support Not Unconditional”


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