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ObamaGate Scandal Gets A Face…

As the saying goes, “Be careful what you wish for…”

It is obvious the democrats who are in a terminal state of denial over Hillary’s loss, and a perpetual state of hate for the American people who voted for Trump, are spinning and spinning with the liberal MSM the thinnest excuse for a charge of Trump’s collusion with the Russians during the election, even though both the heads of the FBI and NSA have said multiple times the Russians did not ‘hack the election’. As usual the liberals have to build a false narrative and keep on shoving it down America’s throat. Mouthy Maxine Waters has even gone so far as to promise a coming ‘impeachment’ of Trump. Well, Maxie, it looks like the prior administration is the one who broke laws here…


Kurt Schlichter: The Russiagate Scam Will Blow Up In The Democrats’ Smug Faces

If you’re stressed out about this whole Russian nonsense, relax – Donald Trump didn’t do anything wrong, and he’s not going be impeached, arrested, or ritually disemboweled. When the truth comes out and it explodes in the Democrats’ soft, girlish hands, we’ll all be laughing and toasting their humiliation with Stoli shots.

How do I know this with utter certainty? Because it’s all so glaringly obvious, and it’s the only scenario that fits the facts. As Hugh Hewitt says, this scandal has three silos. The first silo is the question of whether the Russians somehow “hacked our election.” The second silo is whether any Trump people “colluded” with the Russians. The third silo, the one patriots care most about since it’s the one that isn’t a ridiculous fantasy, is whether anyone in Obama’s administration used our intelligence apparatus to spy on his and Hillary’s political opponents. The answers are “No,” “No,” and “Yes.” The end results are going to be a stronger Trump, weaker Democrats, and various Obama minions exploring new career opportunities in the exciting fields of license plate-making, large-to-small rock transformation, and artisanal pruno distilling.

Russians didn’t hack the election. Liberals use the word “hacked” because they can claim they only mean “influenced” while implying to stupid people inclined to believe their conspiracy theories that the Russians broke into computers and changed votes from Hillary to Donald. Of course, they forgot to also change the Senate votes to the Dems, but whatev.

Even James Comey agrees that never happened, so now the Democrats are claiming that Russian social media bots used fake news to trick the previously Hillary-inclined electorate into voting against her. Basically, they’re saying Hillary’s supporters were easily duped idiots. Now, dummies have always been a key Democrat demographic. She clearly has a unique appeal to the stupid, the gullible, and the readily confused, making the voters she was counting on especially vulnerable to those cunning Russian clickbaiters operating from secret Macedonian villages.


The Trump campaign never colluded with the Russians. This is true even though the definition of “colluding” has been expanded to include pretty much any interaction with anyone or anything Russian…


And that brings us to the third silo, because the Democrat heads of our intelligence community desperately wanted to leak anything that might remotely embarrass Trump. In fact, my money has always been on the person who leaked the classified Flynn info being a name we’ll all recognize, a suspicion Fox’s Adam Housley’s reporting backs up. Hell yes, Donald Trump was “wiretapped.” So were you, by the way. And me. From open source information shared by defectors the intelligence community was too incompetent to keep from defecting, we know that every single electronic communication we send is collected in the NSA mainframes. Every single one. And the NSA has algorithms they can use to search it. You don’t go plant a bug in Trump Tower. You wiretap the opposition party’s nominee for president by running a search through the communications that the government “incidentally” collected. And if you find something juicy, then you call up your buddy at the Post and hand it over…

I was a bit preoccupied last night with “The Walking Dead” when I started seeing the blooming of the reports that it was allegedly Barack Obama’s former national security adviser Susan Rice that ordered the unmasking of Trump transition and associates’ names. As a matter of fact, the surveillance of these people goes as far back as a year before the 2017 inauguration of now POTUS Trump.

FOX News journalist Adam Housley has been trying to get the other news networks to pick up this new breaking information since before the weekend. But as of early this morning the other networks have completely ignored and buried the news story. Housley concludes it is purely politically driven on their part

Adam Housley isn’t the only one working hard to get the latest breaking news and its facts out there:

Mike Cernovich: Susan Rice Requested Unmasking of Incoming Trump Administration Officials

The DC: Trump Supporter Labeled ‘Fake News’ By ’60 Minutes’ Beats Everyone To Susan Rice Scoop

And even worse…

So, if there is any “collusion” going on it is between the MSM and the guilty Obama administration.

DON SURBER: Investigate ObamaGate: The abuse of presidential power by Barack Obama and his minions is Watergate on Steroids.

AoSHQ: Source In White House Counsel’s Office Says Susan Rice Requested Dozens of “Unmaskings” of Trump Officials Caught Up In Alleged “Incidental” Surveillance, Starting As Soon as He Became the Nominee


Unmasking Susan Rice and her NSC dead-enders

Trump claims wiretap tweet ‘is turning out to be true’

FLASHBACK: Susan Rice Said ‘I Know Nothing’ About Unmasking of Trump Officials

White House logs indicate Susan Rice consumed unmasked intel on Trump associates

That Would Be a YUGE Zero: After months of investigating, here’s the evidence that the Dems have collected on Trump/Russia

Limbaugh: Democrats Think They Can Force Trump from Office

Blockbuster Scandal: The Obama Administration Weaponized Intelligence for Use Against Trump

The Obama Administration’s Long History of Shady Surveillance

Unmasking Susan Rice and her NSC dead-enders


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