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ISIS: A “Religion of Peace” and the Liberal Idiocracy Update…

Liberals and their identity factions of ‘feminists’ and LGBTQ stompers/marchers/screamers are either just to dumb or in denial of the reality of the Islam they appear to be so energetically defensive about in their quest to make everyone else the evil enemy…

The warped liberal feminists, like Keyes and NYT writer MoDo, completely ignore the reason for the head to toe tarp. They view it as some sort of exotic female strength. The fact is women are made to wear the burka to take the blame and personal responsibility off men and their sinful lustful sexual thoughts about women and their bodies. The burka is a same and blame garment that simply implies men are not responsible for what they think and do, but the fault of women for being … women. Any feminist excusing, admiring, promoting, glorifying the burka has absolutely no idea why women are made to wear it. It is punishment for being a woman! The woman striking an artistic pose above would be beaten for her blasphemy. Yet, Keys and others see it as what, promotion of the garment in a positive manner? The image and the reality simply cannot and will not coexist.

Yet, these same American feminists have their mission here in the U.S. to tend to. Just ask neurotic icon Ashley Judd…

Twitchy: There are NO stupid questions, unless you’re Ashley Judd asking THIS about the Constitution

REALLY, Ashley? You believe that bullshit report over the facts the MSM daily ignores and/or buries?

Jihadists ‘order four million girls and women in Iraqi city to undergo female genital mutilation’

Iraq: Sunni Women Tell of ISIS Detention, Torture – Describe Forced Marriage, Rape

ISIS sex slaves: Captured Iraqi women strangling each other and killing themselves to escape rape

Yet, Judd and Keys et al liberal fembots choose to champion Muslim women who support Sharia in their own culture and seek it for the rest of the female population around the world, instead of supporting Muslim women who choose to put themselves in the ultimate ‘harm’s way’ on every level to fight this oppression by removing the cultural burka and pick up a gun:

The women taking on Isis: on the ground with Iraq’s female fighters

I can only assume it is because the bulk of these female freedom fighters are Christian (Yazidi) and not Islamic. As a matter of fact, the “Muslim” culture is not just Islamic. There are other religions therein. However, it is only the Islamic sect the liberals care to defend and protect…

In January and February Islamic State fighters and their allies launched attacks on the Christians living in Egypt’s Sinai.

The American pink pussy hatted and vagina costumed liberal feminists believe women in the U.S. are so oppressed and put-upon. That is mostly rooted in their non-acceptance of opposition to their discounting and dismembering of the unborn in the womb, and taxpayers, who mostly will not stand in a woman’s way should she seek an abortion, just refuse to pay for their abortions, especially to that baby parts butcher shop called Planned Parenthood, which not is sweating balls: Pence casts tie-breaking vote to let states withhold federal funds from Planned Parenthood

Not one of those liberal feminists gives a damn about the real war on women around the world, unless, of course, U.S. tax dollars are ceased for funding those women’s abortions overseas.

But nothing for Muslim women not only victimized by their husbands, fathers, uncles, brothers but by PC western judges…

British Judge Spares Man Jail After He “Hit His Wife With Bat & Made Her Drink Bleach”

Need more liberal feminist hypocrisy disguised as righteous logic?

Ashley Csanady of National Post 7 months ago:

Back off the burkini, the state has no place in the wardrobes of a nation

Ashley Csanady of National Post today:

Mike Pence’s evangelical refusal to lunch with ladies is easy to mock. It’s also rape culture at work

However …. THIS is NOT “rape culture”, because shut up…

See how that works?

And don’t look for Hollywood A-listers or the rabid LGBTQRSTers to pipe-up over this…

Thrown to his death then pelted with rocks by barbaric mob… all because he was gay: Terrifying final moments of young man sentenced to death by ISIS because of his sexuality 

No, all those self-righteous fascistists— er, activists are far too busy celebrating North Carolina’s repealing of their transgender bathroom law. Anyhow…

Need solutions/cures for this growing cancer of Islam around the world? How about start listening with a brain cell or three to people who actually, you know, KNOW the religion/culture…

Ayaan Hirsi Ali: How To Counter Political Islam

And while there are ‘peaceful’ Muslims, Islam is not, by its own teachings/doctrine/command, NOT peaceful.


Pretty much the only consistent ‘broken clock’ tick for uber-liberal Bill Maher: Bill Maher’s Classic Putdown of Islamist Apologists (VIDEO)

Keep Calm and Propagandize On: The curious silences after London’s terror attack … “Britain is in denial…”

House Democrat Rep. Gregory Meeks Dismisses Muslim Woman’s Charge Against Muslim Staffer, Citing Islamophobia

Muslim Prof Insists Jesus Wasn’t Crucified, Christian Student Suspended After Disagreeing

VIDEO: Why Isn’t There a Palestinian State? Why don’t the Palestinians have their own country? Is it the fault of Israel?


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