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TWD: “We Are Not The Monsters…”

Newt: My mommy always said there were no monsters – no real ones – but there are.
Ripley: Yes, there are, aren’t there?
Newt: Why do they tell little kids that?
Ripley: Most of the time it’s true.

In this post-apocalyptic world, where laws and civilization have gone the way of pre-Noah flood, we are expected to ponder exactly who are the civilized and who are the monsters.

As I’ve stated before, the walkers are nothing more than a new species of wild beasts, no longer worthy of human consideration, or at this point the worst danger to the living. It is the living who have decided they will make the new world order to their own self-serving oppressive utopia, like Negan, or a neo-commune/co-op society with leadership and joined effort to rebuild for everyone.

S7E14 Recap:

Last week’s The Walking Dead S7E14 “The Other Side” continued with Rick’s preparation for war with Negan and the Saviors. Training new people from the various outside groups whose members are not as experienced in post-apocalyptic combat, with walkers and with the living. The search for more weapons and ammo continued, while the groups struggled to meet Negan’s weekly tribute of few and far between supplies.

Negan’s designated henchman Simon shows up at The Hilltop and takes their doctor to replace the one Negan toasted like a marshmallow. This sets Gregory in an even more annoyed state as he complains to Maggie, “Why are you still here?” now that the doctor she relied on for her pregnancy is gone. He can feel his power, influence and control over the Hilltoppers dwindling away as they join allegiance with Maggie. Last night’s episode S7E15 “Something They Need” showed Gregory for the coward and phony he really is. He followed Maggie outside the security of the Hilltop gates.

At one point he looked as if he would stab her in the back while she was digging up a blueberry bush to transplant inside. Then there came the random walker stumbling and bumbling out of the nearby woods. The two debated who should deal with the bag of rot. Gregory went forward but chickened out, leaving Maggie to deal with it as he looked on, probably hoping she’d become its next meal. Then a walker flanked him where he stood and Gregory found himself wrestling on the ground and screaming like a caught rabbit for Maggie to rescue him, which she did. Just then a small group of Hilltoppers came up the road. Maggie explained to them the importance of having experience with killing walkers. Gregory was visibly shaken to his pride. We next see him downing tequila in his office and pouring over a map. He is planning on traveling somewhere with his aide, but to where? The Negan compound to rat-out Maggie and Rick and the battle plan? Whatever Gregory’s got up his ridiculously suited sleeve it is going to be nothing but a dick move.

Last week Rosita and Sasha snuck out of the Hilltop as Simon and the Saviors arrived to collect Dr. Carson. They set out on their quest to takedown Negan at his enclave. The two former loves of the now liquefied Abraham spent the trek pissed at each other. By the time they’d reached Negan’s they had come to a truce. They saw Eugene at the gate they were looking to get through and tried to convince him to escape with them. He refused, explaining he’s made his choice to be Negan’s new bitch. Sasha gets the gate open but locks out Rosita, telling her she knew it was a suicide mission and disappears inside the building where Eugene had went.

Meanwhile, Maggie reaches out to the still guilt-devastated Daryl and stresses how Glenn’s death was not his fault. They have to hide together during Simon’s latest visit to the Hilltop, Daryl a ‘fugitive’ escapee from Negan and Maggie thought to be dead since Glenn’s murder.

Back at Negan’s compound Rosita is looking for another way inside to rejoin Sasha but discovers somebody with a crossbow watching her from the shadows outside the fence and thinks it’s Daryl…

S7E15 Recap:

After episodes that left most fighting back yawns, a palatable tension is finally growing in “Something They Need”.

Rick and some of the tougher Alexandria group head to Tara’s secret seaside group to take their arsenal and try to recruit them in the fight … but mostly to take their arsenal. Aaron’s other half comes along, and Fr. Gabe is starting to look like a badass priest with a gun.

With Michonne at sniper point up in the trees the group sets off tactical explosions to drive the seaside’s women and children in one direction and away from the weapons storage shed. Tara had gone to the seaside leader Natania to plead with her to join them in fighting and defeating Negan, but she refuses and manages to take the ‘unloaded’ Tara…

Natalia will not agree or cooperate with Rick. He informs her he means them no harm and just needs their weapons for the fight, and would love for them to fight beside them to finally defeat Negan. She adamantly refuses. Her granddaughter knocks her down just as a herd of barnacle-coated and slimy seaweed-draped walkers come through the woods in search of the source of the explosions.

Rick’a and Natalia’s groups must deal with them. Even some of the seaside children look to be able to hold their own…

In the end, Rick and the group take the weapons, leaving behind the beachcombers, even the ones who told Rick they would join him and the fight.

Meanwhile, back at Negan’s compound Sasha sits in Daryl’s old dark cell, having been captured. Negan thug “Dave” tries to bargain with her to exchange sex for a drink of water. When she refuses he makes it clear he will be ‘getting some’ either way, so, she headbutts him. Just then Negan strolls in and evaluates the situation. If there is one thing Negan will not allow or tolerate it is “rape”. Though I’ve come to conclude Negan has emasculated all men inside his compound and nobody’s really permitted to have sex. Anyhow, Negan does not accept Dave’s regrets for the attempted assault on Sasha and stabs him in the neck replying “We are not the monsters”…

Dave falls to the cell floor and Negan squats down beside Sasha…

“You’ve got some beachball-sized lady nuts…”

He realizes where he had seen her before and asks if Rick had sent her to kill him. He mentions he has heard some talk Rick is planning something. Sasha scoffs back, “Rick? Your bitch?” I believe Sasha did not mean this as her opinion of Rick, but said this to deflect Negan and make him believe she acted as a lone wolf, detaching herself from Rick and the rest of her group. He leaves his bloody knife with her, noting Dave will soon be turning. He said she had three choices: Kill herself, bury the blade in Dave’s head, or let Dave turn and chew her up in the dark. Later he returns to see the knife in Dave’s head. He collects it and gives Sasha the sales pitch that goes along with joining him and the Saviors.

Later Eugene shows up with some basic “creature comforts” (pillow, blanket, light) and tried to reason with Sasha about his decision to join Negan, and how she should strongly consider it. That their lost loved ones would want them to. A moment later he realizes that’s a lie. But Eugene’s a classic coward and he’s not ashamed of that, even in Sasha’s eyes now. He leaves but returns later and talks through the door with Sasha. She tearfully pleads with Eugene to bring her something so she can end her life before Negan uses her against Rick and the others … a knife, a gun, a piece of glass … something…

He returns with the poison pill he had made for Negan’s wives to use but held onto.

He tells her through the door it will take 20 painful minutes to kill her. Sasha is disappointed, to say the least. Now, instead of her ploy to get a weapon from gullible Eugene in order to have another go at Negan, the fickle finger of fate appears to have handed her a suicide. In the TV series vs the comic book version speculation Sasha might meet the fate the books had given to another female character, who has since died another way. What will happen to Sasha now? Chances are we may be seeing the last of the brave self-taught warrior as I came across this on actress Sonequa Martin-Green’s IMDb page:

Star Trek: Discovery (TV Series) (pre-production)
Lt. Cmdr Rainsford
– Episode #1.9 (2017) … Lt. Cmdr Rainsford
– Episode #1.8 (2017) … Lt. Cmdr Rainsford
– Episode #1.7 (2017) … Lt. Cmdr Rainsford
– Episode #1.6 (2017) … Lt. Cmdr Rainsford
– Episode #1.5 (2017) … Lt. Cmdr Rainsford
– Episode #1.4 (2017) … Lt. Cmdr Rainsford
– Episode #1.3 (2017) … Lt. Cmdr Rainsford
– Episode #1.2 (2017) … Lt. Cmdr Rainsford
– Pilot (2017) … Lt. Cmdr Rainsford
– Episode #1.13 … Lt. Cmdr Rainsford
– Episode #1.12 … Lt. Cmdr Rainsford
– Episode #1.11 … Lt. Cmdr Rainsford
– Episode #1.10 … Lt. Cmdr Rainsford

As they say, “Dead give away” … Yeah.

Rick and the others return to Alexandria to find Rosita there. She leads them to the jail cell Morgan had built in the basement. It was Negan henchman Dwight that was standing in the night shadows outside the Savior compound, not Daryl. He informs Rick he wants to help kill Negan. Not sure if it was his wife running out on Negan or watching and smelling the first Doc Carson getting fried alive inside Negan’s furnace that has Dwight turning a corner, or if he has been sent by Negan to spy on the Grimes gang for intel. Rick tells Dwight, “Get on your knees”…

Either way, in next week’s TWD S7E16 extended season finale “The First Day of the Rest of Your Life”, we can pretty much conclude somebody(s) we care a whole Hell of a lot about is/are going to not make it to S8E1 alive.

But one thing’s for sure, they’ve got a tiger in their tank…


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