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Terror Attack in London

BREAKING NEWS: At least two dead and a dozen hurt – some with ‘catastrophic injuries’ – after car driven by ‘Asian’ knifeman mows down pedestrians on Westminster Bridge before he is shot attacking police in grounds of Parliament 

Brown skin. Full beard. Closely shaven head.
Yep, looks “Asian” to me.

Remember, England has a knife ban.
This eight-incher is definitely in spite of the ban…

On this the 1 year anniversary of the terror attack in Brussels

Right now London authorities are calling this attack a ‘terror attack’. They are reporting 2 people are dead with many others in serious condition as, apparently, a lone middle-aged man of “Asian” persuasion (in the EU that’s code word for ‘Middle Eastern’/Muslim) first drove his 4-wheel drive vehicle across Westminster Bridge, mowing down pedestrians. He then went onto Parliament where he left the vehicle wielding a knife (and a machete?) and stabbing people, including a police officer, before being shot.


Reports of gunfire and man wielding a knife outside Parliament at 2.40pm
Police shoot suspect in Parliament grounds after police officer stabbed
Reports attacker mowed down up to a dozen people in 4×4 on Westminster Bridge
It is thought he careered along bridge ploughing to all in his path before hitting Parliament gates
Police treating the attack as a “terrorist incident until we know otherwise”
Dramatic pictures show bloodied bodies strewn across bridge and outside Parliament
Theresa May bundled into Jaguar by undercover cop and whisked to safety
Westminster on lockdown with station, bridge and roads shut for foreseeable future
Emergency services urge Londoners not to call 999 unless absolutely necessary


‘Someone screwed up’: Did reports identify wrong man as London attack terrorist?

Waiting for the first asshole to blame this on Pres. Donald Trump…

Woops! There we go…

NBC Reporter Fears London Terror Will ‘Put Wind in the Sails’ of ‘Right-Wing Movement’

NBC intel reporter slammed for this take on #LondonAttack coverage


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