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Gorsuch Hearing: Moments in Liberal/Democrat Ass-Hattery and Ass-Clownery

The democrats simply cannot touch Judge Gorsuch…

Rush Limbaugh: “The senators on the Democrat side are not discussing the law in these Supreme Court confirmation hearings. They’re asking gotcha questions, and Judge Gorsuch is at least two times as smart as any of these Democrats on the committee at minimum.”

God forbid he follow the U.S. Constitution and ‘separation of powers’:

Gorsuch to Feinstein: Here are a lot of “little guy” rulings you seem to have overlooked

Sen. Dianne Feinstein alarmed about Gorsuch’s originalist philosophy

Dianne Feinstein Attempted to Embarrass Neil Gorsuch. What Happened Next Will Astonish You.

Sen. DiFi, hope that mic drop didn’t bruise your tender-foot.

Fear not, because Dianne Feinstein will determine if Gorsuch is a ‘reasonable’ conservative judge or witch burning ‘originalist’

Note to DiFi: In America ‘witches’ were hanged, drowned, crushed, starved to death. No witches were burned in America. Europe and Great Britain, yes.

Dick “Turban” Durbin continues he’s waaaaay below his pay-grade:

Can you see the crow feathers sticking out of Durbin’s mouth in his last comments at the end of that video?

Sen Franken Says His Constitution is ‘Different’ from the late Scalia’s and People Are Going After Him for It

Doggone it! Al Franken beclowns himself over Gorsuch for the second day in a row

The early ‘political work’ Franken was referring to was in 1976 when Gorsuch walked door to door with his mother who was running for office. Gorsuch was roughly 9 then.

My husband, God bless him, who doesn’t waste much, if any, time on this political theater happened to catch some of the Gorsuch hearings today while I was listening. Within a matter of moments he became pissed at how one democrat senator kept rewarding and answering a question Gorsuch continued to answer the same way. I told him there are a couple reasons why the dems insist on doing this:

1. to try and trip him up so they can accuse him of ‘lying’ should he answer differently

2. to get him on record answering a question, and then in the future, when he IS on the SCOTUS bench as a justice, demand he recuse himself from a case for past remarks/answers related to such a case.


The democrats tried to paint Judge Gorsuch as a sexist for something a female former student. and democrat operative/staffer, claims he himself was stating as his philosophy…

NPR forced to do some heavy retooling of its hit piece on Judge Neil Gorsuch

“Biden’s Rule”, Sally, et al, “Biden’s Rule”!

Bastion Of Intellectualism Cosmo On Gorsuch: “Constitutional Origininalism Is Bullsh*t”


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