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ObamaCare Lite: “TrumpCare” or “RyanCare”? … Oh, My!

I agree that the GOP should have been more prepared to begin the carry out promise of ‘repeal and replace’ of Obamacare. They had the entirety of the campaign cycle to tap bigger minds outside the thick-skulled Capitol dome to develop a more workable and acceptable transition away from the collapsing ObamaCare to a system that gives Americans more freedom to choose and not tax the hell out of us. That said, after watching the CBO contort themselves more than once to make ObamaCare look palatable with anticipated money that would never show up, fudged numbers and some deceptive pre-Common Core-ish math formulas to bullshit their end results that ObamaCare would not only be fully funded but make money, I don’t give anything the CBO says even a grain of salt. I’m sorry, but like everything else in the Swamp the CBO has become politicized, and does have its own share of holdovers.

The CBO Made A 24 Million Person Mistake When It Scored Obamacare

CBO: AHCA saves $337B on deficit spending, but increases uninsured by 14 million in 2018

White House: We “strenuously” disagree with this CBO score of the Republican health care bill

‘Abandon Obamacare Lite now’: Sen. Rand Paul offers GOP a way out of AHCA mess, but will they take it?

GOP Rep. Jordan rips fellow GOPers for jamming the health bill

Of course the high odds are there is no panacea for healthcare coverage to replace ObamaCare. But we have had an actual case study and precedent of prime example(s) via the failures of ObamaCare of how it can crumble under its own ridiculous weight and unrealistic expectations. The fact remains, nothing … most especially a government program … is “free”. Nothing. And no government program fits everyone because we are individuals, not a collective. But as I said, the GOP knows what not to do, and should have a better idea of how to get there. Are they seeking the wisdom of those outside the Swamp for ideas that can and will work to the best of everyone’s advantage without penalizing anyone to serve the other? All the commentators on the GOP plan mention that a number of people who would lose their insurance. However, they’re really talking about the government insurance from exchanges. They aren’t mentioning how many people will be able to get insurance from other sources in this CBO review. As usual, no context to the content being served.


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