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TWD: Prepare for War

Hence the lack of weekly “The Walking Dead” recaps:

I think it’s safe to say we fans/viewers share a heightened sense of Negan fatigue at this point of the apocalypse. I mean, as much as The Governor rubbed you much like a pair of sandpaper BVDs, this Negan shit-stain has gone way beyond his critical mass of creative tolerance. Yeah, he didn’t do himself any favors making melon smoothies out of Glenn and Abraham in front of Rick’s group or us. And even though we loathed the asshole Spencer, he was our asshole and we really didn’t want to see him gutted, or Olivia shot in the head and killed just short inches from Carl on the porch of Rick’s house in Alexandria.

And who’s not sick and tired of these weak and hungry groups in Alexandria and The Hilltop scrounging for days and days for food and supply tributes to Negan for when the smelly Saviors show up to collect?

After allowing him some sophomoric fun-time with some of his wives and a huge jar of pickles, Negan now has Eugene melting metal to armor the Saviors’ growing herd of Walkers in the yard so it makes it difficult to exterminate them…

SIDEBAR: I look for somebody living to fall Negan-victim from a “Game of Thrones”-like death by molten metal. Just sayin’…

I mean, it’s pretty much a given. Might even end up being Eugene himself. Eugene, by-the-by, has declared himself “I am Negan” in his patented Eugene weasel way. Pretty much after Negan roasted the Saviors’ only doctor because Dwayne lied all over him about his— er, Negan’s wife’s escape from the compound after releasing Daryl…

But he (Eugene) is probably playing Negan much the same way he played Abraham and Rosita about having the cure for the Walker plague. When it was discovered he was playing Abraham and Rick the group just dropped their anger and accepted him. I doubt Negan would be so tolerant of Eugene’s bullshit abilities. However, after S7E11 “Hostiles and Calamities”, which was Eugene’s episode as he settled into his new digs and persona inside the Saviors’ compound, I am thinking Eugene is not as ‘lowly’ as he confessed to Abraham and Rick, but is playing dumb-as-dirt as some protection method. Sometimes I wonder if he’s not responsible for the zombie apocalypse by some ridiculous science experiment in his backyard. I dunno. I just am coming to believe there is a Hell of a lot more to Eugene than what we are seeing…

Anyhow, in last week’s S7E12 “Say Yes” Rick and Michonne find a massive stash of MREs and guns and ammo at a school festival where the military had set up a camp when the shit had hit the fan. Of course everyone had turned, and the loving couple had to hack through them in order to make the collection of much needed war equipment. Rick also owed the freaky ass-backward talking Jadis and the city dump colony a percentage of the guns (in much need of cleaning).

And Tara struggles with knowing and keeping the secret of what she knows about the hidden beach side colony of women armed to the teeth. Rosita keeps going deeper into her bitchy suicid mission cray-cray mode and decides to confront Sasha, both women deciding they’ll head out alone together to finally kill Negan, which won’t end well, I safely presume.

Might be some molten metal in one or both of the girls’ futures if/when caught … and in front of Eugene of course. Hopefully neither will tell Negan before dying about the other colonies arming-up and preparing for a war against him and his throng.

Last night’s S7E13 “Bury Me Here” dealt with rogue Kingdom disciple Richard who has aborted his plan to bait the Saviors by sacrificing Carol, instead setting himself up for death by keeping one of 12 demanded melons from the Saviors at the next tribute drop. Instead, the asshole managed to get young buck Benjamin killed instead as Savior grease-ball Jared shoots the kid in the thigh and he eventually bleeds to death. Later Richard confides in Morgan his failed plan, telling him he had planned it would be his death and how the empty grave with the ‘BURY ME HERE’ sign was meant for him. He thought he was making a noble and tactical sacrifice to nudge Ezekiel and the Kingdom to join Alexandria and the Hilltop in war with Negan.

Instead, at the next day’s meeting with the Saviors to give them the missing melon that Richard had taken and discarded, Morgan, much to the shock of the Kingdommers and Ezekiel, jumps Richard and strangles him to death in front of the Saviors. When he stands he informs everyone that Richard had set up the previous day’s slight (resulting in Benjamin’s death) in order to sacrifice his own life to get the meeting into a firing match (a slight alteration on the truth of Richard’s plan).

When burying Richard in the readied grave Morgan discovers a child’s backpack with the name Karyn on it. We must now assume it was Richard’s daughter’s, and he probably lost his own family in that abandoned area before joining the Kingdom.

Morgan then shows up at Carol’s and explains Richard’s debacle and how he had killed him … And Morgan finally admits to Carol that all is not well in Alexandria, that Negan has horrifically killed Glenn and Abraham and others. He didn’t tell her about Daryl’s captivity, or Eugene’s.

Carol leaves Morgan at her house sharpening the end of his kung fu stick, awake now from his pious nap of old school self-righteous respect for the living, as she heads to the Kingdom to tell Ezekiel they all have to fight Negan and the Saviors. He agrees. So, there’s that.


The gardeners in the Kingdom’s food producing patches informs Ezekiel of a blight hitting the crops, and that they’ll have to be purged to get rid of the threat to the rest of the colony’s food growth. It’s a little foreshadowing of Richard’s demise, if you think about it. But then that seems a bit twisted given how he is right that they need to join with the others and prepare to go to war to rid themselves of Negan. Also, it might be an indication of a second wave of apocalyptic famine troubles for living survivors who are trying to grow and sustain themselves on new sources of food as previously supplies of processed foods are becoming very rare to find while scavenging for supplies.

Only 3 Episodes Left in Season 7:

More people are obviously going to die at the hands of Negan and/or his Saviors. Some just might be our beloved group members…

In the promo for S7E14 “The Other Side” we see Saviors at the Hilltop demanding “You have a certain somebody … point me in that direction…” Are we to believe it is Daryl or Maggie (who are hiding) the Saviors are demanding? I’m thinking it’s that colony’s doctor (who I believe was the brother of the doctor Negan just burned to death) to replace their clinic’s vacancy. And Sasha and Rosita are at the proverbial gates of Negan’s compound. Anyhow, roll tape…


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