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The West’s Self-Inflicted New “Gates of Vienna” Invasion

My Facebook friend Dr. Randy Bock asked this question: “When will UN clamor for Saudis to take Muslim refugees?”

He’s right. Why won’t any Muslim centered country take in these ‘refugees’? Why is it the European nations’, and by even wider extension, the U.S.A.’s responsibility to provide not only safe harbor for this Muslim/Islamic on Muslim human atrocity that is not of our making?

Michael Walsh @ PJM: Holland: the Canary in the European Coal Mine

“Far-right” is the far-left media’s recharacterization of what used to be called “patriotism” or simply “cultural self-preservation.” The international Left, of course, can’t have that — it interferes with the whole Frankfurt School/communist mission to destroy the West by undermining its faith in its own institutions, and then using those institutions against it. This movement has long employed “open borders” as part of its strategy, couching it in liberal pieties about “the free movement of peoples in search of a better life.” A better life, perhaps — but for how long? And at whose expense?

Naturally, it was the Germans who started this mess. Postwar Germany was poor and short of manpower, so the Federal Republic (what was then West Germany) imported Turkish “guest workers” by the carload, employing them in menial tasks, isolating them in ghettos, and making it near-impossible for them or their children to receive German citizenship. (To be fair, that was also true of European and American non-Germans as well.) They were Germany’s invisible people.

Now, not so much. Once Europeans prayed to be delivered from the cruel, marauding Turk. Christian armies defeated the Turks at the gates of Vienna in 1683, the high-water mark of the previous Islamic assault on Western civilization…


Now, it’s back, disguised as a “refugee crisis.” This is not to gainsay the genuine human misery resulting from the dislocations in the Middle East — dislocations caused for the most part by Islam itself. But it is not the West’s obligation to solve the Islamic ummah’s problems. The Muslim attack on 9/11 succeeded beyond Osama bin Laden’s fondest dreams; seized upon by the Left, it has pitted the West against itself, unable to articulate what it stands for without being accused of a chimerical racism, unilaterally disarmed in the face of withering media/establishment scorn.


This will not end well. With no tradition of assimilation or integration in Europe, the restive Muslim minorities will only grow louder in their complaints, more violent in their attacks on the religio-cultural foundations of Christendom, and more driven to complete the conquest of the West their holy book demands of them. The Europeans, foolishly, swallowed the Marxist myth of “multiculturalism” whole — not in the manner of the American melting-pot, ethnic holidays and festivals and the like, but of co-equal cultures peacefully coexisting side by side in what was once a largely mono-ethnic state like Holland or Sweden. It was a beautiful fairy tale, but one that has foundered on the rocks of reality. […]

Read the whole thing.


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