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POTUSes vs U.S. Attorneys: What’s Old is Suddenly “New” Again

“When the Obama admin asked Bush-era U.S. attorneys to resign in 2009, Politico reported on it as a procedural “replacement” process. When Trump’s team did the same thing in 2017, the same outlet reported they were “ousting” those attorneys.”

Well, the democrats and the liberal shit MSM are pretending Pres. Trump’s firing of S.U. attorneys is something unprecedented … but only when a republican SCOTUS does it.

“President Trump’s decision to fire 46 United States prosecutors may yet go down as his finest hour. He hasn’t explained the timing. In and of itself it’s not unusual for an incoming administration to ask for the resignations of the U.S. attorneys of the previous regime. Mr. Trump’s action, though, comes amid a broad campaign among his political adversaries to nullify the vote in November. The president may simply have concluded that the country needs to be fully confident that prosecutors are free of political hostility.”

The fact remains (and is practiced by every new president going into office and setting up his own Justice Department) these appointed attorneys serve at the pleasure and discretion of the sitting POTUS. Every POTUS has handed out the pink slips to these attorneys and replaced them with his own appointees. Jeff Sessions himself suffered the democrat administration ax when Clinton’s AG Janet Reno sent him his demand for resignation letter.

Boo-hoo, Kelly. It doesn’t matter what was said to him.

Bill Clinton fired at least 93 of Reagan’s and the first Bush’s U.S. attorneys when he took office, and replaced them with his own like-minded appointees.

George W. Bush replaced 8 (?) U.S. attorneys.

Barack Obama fired and replaced some 46 during his tenure in the White House.

So far Donald Trump has fired 46 Obama appointed U.S. attorneys.

The democrats and the MSM only shart themselves when the republican POTUS exercises and practices this right.

Right now Pres. Trump is hearing the pig-squealing of the selective memory and faux outrage of the democrats/liberals/MSM over the 46 attorneys he and AG Jeff Sessions are replacing, especially where it involves US Attorney Preet Bharara, who happens to be a former Chuck Schumer aide.

By the way, he’s the one who prosecuted conservative filmmaker Dinesh Joseph D’Souza during the Obama administration, and threatened to throw him into federal prison.

New hero for The Resistance? Trump fires US attorney who refused to resign

As I said, the democrats and their MSM lapdogs are contorting and convulsing and shitting themselves … again … when this is done to their minion attorneys.

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