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Liberal Logic Smells Just Like Your Dog’s Morning Business…

Just a few interesting brain-farts the rest of us are expected to breath in and believe are fragrant liberal petals of perfect logic…

Top 15 cases of CNN faking news

Kurt Schlichter: Democrats Seek To Escape Their Whirlpool Of Failure And Fail At That Too

When communism loves you right back…

British architect moves to Cuba to work, ends up in a Castro gulag

Hey! Your body does NOT belong to you!

Connecticut Kennedy Thinks State Should Own Your Organs: Camelot heir introduces bill to automatically opt-in citizens as organ donors

Connecticut State Sen. Ted Kennedy Jr. (D-Branford) — son of former U.S. Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-Mass.) — wants to give state government control over what happens to citizens’ organs after they die.

Kennedy recently introduced SB 750, which would automatically enroll Connecticut’s citizens in the organ donation program.

“If people want to donate their organs after death, I have no problem with that at all, but it should not be coercive in any way,” state Sen. Len Suzio (R-Meriden) told the local Connecticut newspaper The Record-Journal.
As is the case in most states, citizens currently must choose to opt into the organ donor program. Were SB 750 to pass, however, the state would automatically assume a citizen’s consent and could harvest his organs after death, unless he went through the proactive process of opting out of the program beforehand.

“It’s a bill that would seem to indicate that the state owns your body unless you say otherwise,” said state Sen. Joe Markley (R-Southington).

Some political observers mocked the proposal coming from a member of the Kennedy clan.

Texas state rep proposes fines for masturbation

A Texas state representative has introduced legislation that would fine men for masturbating and require them to undergo counseling before obtaining a prescription for Viagra, in an effort to highlight anti-abortion laws that place restrictions on women.

The legislation introduced by state Rep. Jessica Farrar (D) would impose a $100 civil penalty for “masturbatory emissions” that take place outside of a woman’s vagina or a hospital. Each incident would be “considered an act against an unborn child, and failing to preserve the sanctity of life,” the bill reads.

Farrar’s measure — which she dubbed “satirical” — would allow doctors to refuse to conduct vasectomies, write prescriptions for Viagra or perform a colonoscopy if those actions violate the doctor’s personal, moral or religious beliefs. Patients would be required to wait 24 hours before a procedure is performed, and doctors would be made to read a state-printed booklet, “A Man’s Right To Know,” to the patient.

Doctors would also be required to perform a “medically-unnecessary digital rectal exam” and an MRI before performing vasectomies or colonoscopies or before prescribing Viagra.



● Snoop Dogg Shoots Clown That Looks Like Donald Trump In New Video.

Red State.com today.

Snoop Lion Explains Anti-Violence Song ‘No Guns Allowed:’

In many ways, Snoop Lion is the antithesis to Snoop Dogg. The Reincarnated rapper’s new song “No Guns Allowed” featuring his daughter Cori B and Drake counters his 1992 debut on Dr. Dre’s “Deep Cover” where he boasts, “I got the gauge, a uzi and the motherf—king 22.”

The release from his forthcoming reggae album offers a message of non violence.

Rolling Stone, March 25, 2013.

And thus we plunge further into what Michelle Malkin dubbed “The Return of Assassination Fascination” in mid-November, the return of the presidential assassination-obsessed pop culture that existed from the end of 2000 to the end of 2008, after all the left’s promise of a new civility, which lasted, oh, about a week and a half in January of 2011.

Mind the Professors: How the lack of ideological diversity on college campuses slows progress and threatens the ideals of liberal education.

Dems Overwhelmingly More Likely To Accept Gifts From Lobbyists

Harvard library circulating ‘fake news’ list, which, of course, includes just about every conservative news site

Cory Booker: GOP Can’t FORCE Obamacare Replacement

There Really Was A Liberal Media Bubble: Groupthink produced a failure of the “wisdom of crowds” and an underestimate of Trump’s chances.

Hillary Clinton’s team met with Russian ambassador, says Kremlin spokesman, as he warns against ‘hysteria’

In liberal Hollywood, a conservative minority faces backlash in the age of Trump

Supreme Court Ruling Allows Verdicts to Be Nullified if a Juror Is Found to Have Politically Incorrect Attitudes

The Internet Blows Up Over GOP Rep’s Tweet About Immigration


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