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The Evidence Is There: “These are Police State Tactics…”

Levin lays out the evidence that, “YES”, there was spying going on with Donald Trump and/or associates by the Obama administration, no matter how much they are denying it.

How hard could it be that Obama and Company would spy on a political opponent in an election cycle when their own candidate was drowning under her own self-made illegal, lawlessness, irresponsible, lying bullshit when Barry has a history and trail of spying on our foreign allies!

And let’s never forget what he did to FNC’s journalist James Rosen and his family (calling Rosen a criminal), and the AP and their telephones who now choses to take Obama’s side for obvious ass-kissing loyalty reasons.

But Obama wouldn’t do the presidential campaign floundering (and obviously ill) Hillary a solid and use his executive overreach and weaponized government agencies against a political enemy? Seriously? You really do believe in rainbow-farting unicorns if you think Bam has even an atom’s-worth of integrity. Damn! You know what this tells me? It tells me that Hillary was in very bad shape all the way back a year ago in the internal polling at the very least. They knew she was going to lose.

Law Newz: Yes, There Could Be Serious Legal Problems if Obama Admin Involved in Illegal Surveillance

“Here are the problematic aspects of the Obama surveillance on Trump’s team, and on Trump himself. First, it is not apparent FISA could ever be invoked. Second, it is possible Obama’s team may have perjured themselves before the FISA court by withholding material information essential to the FISA court’s willingness to permit the government surveillance. Third, it could be that Obama’s team illegally disseminated and disclosed FISA information in direct violation of the statute precisely prohibiting such dissemination and disclosure. FISA prohibits, under criminal penalty, Obama’s team from doing any of the three.”

And this from Streetwise Professor: Obama v. Trump: Strictly Correct & Misleading v. Not Strictly Correct But Fundamentally True

I won’t comment in detail on the substance of today’s latest outbreak of our fevered politics: Trump’s accusation that Obama ordered wiretapping of Trump Tower and the Trump campaign. I will just mention one fact that strongly supports the veracity of Trump’s allegation: namely, the very narrow–and lawyerly–“denials” emanating from the Obama camp.

Obama and his surrogates – notably the slug (or is he a cockroach?) Ben Rhodes – harrumph that Obama could not unilaterally order electronic surveillance. Well, yes, it is the case that Obama did not personally issue the order: the FISA court did so. But even if that is literally correct, it is also true that the FISA court would not unilaterally issue such an order: it would only do so in response to a request from the executive branch. Thus, Obama is clearly implicated even if he did not issue the order. He could have ordered his subordinates to make the request to the court, or could have approved a subordinate’s request to seek an order. Maybe he merely hinted, a la Henry II – “will no one rid me of this turbulent candidate?” (And “turbulent” is a good adjective to apply to Trump.) But regardless, there is no way that such a request to the court in such a fraught and weighty matter would have proceeded without Obama’s acquiescence.

I therefore consider that the substance of Trump’s charge–that he was surveilled at behest of Obama has been admitted by the principals. […]

Obama guy Ben Rhodes, who LIED to get the Iran Deal passed, says Trump is wrong

Before leaving the White House, Ben Rhodes was one of the controversial administration operatives that Barack Obama planted in a cushy federal government job. Rhodes is now National Security Adviser to the governing council of the National Holocaust Memorial.


Flashback: First FISA Request on Trump Tower Came After Clinton and AG Lynch Met Privately on Tarmac

‘Conducted at the behest of the Justice Dept.’: Fmr Bush AG Mukasey discusses Trump’s wiretap claims

I’ll trust Mukasey long before I’d trust Clapper…

‘Cannot be the final word’: THIS is why James Clapper’s denial of Trump wiretapping should NOT be trusted

Lewandowski to Judge Jeanine: Obama admin was also spying on Sessions in US Senate office

Obama’s State Department Sponsored 2016 Meeting of Russian Ambassador with Sen. Sessions

Former DOJ Lawyer: Lynch, Comey Could Have ‘Intimate Knowledge’ of Alleged Wiretapping

Katie Pavlich reminds forgetful Left of Obama’s track record targeting political enemies

Forbes: No One Mentions That The Russian Trail Leads To Democratic Lobbyists

Five Clinton-Russia Bombshells Progressives Yawned Over

Did the White House Use the NSA to Spy on Congress about the Iran Deal?

Chris Wallace Accuses Dem Sen of ‘More Than a Whiff of McCarthyism’

‘This Is the Revenge of the Losers’

It is becoming increasingly clear that the Obama administration left traps and harmful data behind to trip up the incoming Trump folks as much as possible. Charles Krauthammer described it as “leaving landmines behind.” He said, “To some extent, this has happened in other administrations. But I think it’s more obvious” in this case. Did Obama’s people purposely try to damage the office of the presidency? Was this the “revenge of the losers”?

From PJM comments in the above:

Daniel – Obama had Trump Tower wiretapped for the better part of a year during the campaign.
Obama had Sessions wiretapped in the Senate.

Obama will never be arrested because the RINOS fear black riots burning down US cities.

Loretta Lynch is already calling for this in her Facebook rant.

WHOA: Did Loretta Lynch just call for more marching and blood in the streets? You decide

GWP: Timeline to Obama’s Unlawful Spying on Opposition Party’s Candidate at Trump Tower


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