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Liberals Wearing Their Hypocrisy On Their Sleeves

Yesterday Pres. Trump met with the leaders of black colleges and universities. Read that again and again before you move on because it’s not in the news. Okay, move on…

Right now the trending #FakeNews outrage deals with Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway’s feet on the Oval Office sofa


The faux outrage completely ignores the prior 8 years of this mega-coolness…


And those bygone days of this…


Poor Keefy, how he loved him some Barack Obama and Billy-Jeff Clinton, but not this independent woman who broke the glass ceiling and was the first woman who got a republican voted into said Oval Office:


RELATED SIDEBAR: Federal Judge Rules that Colorado City Can’t Ban Women’s Breasts in Public … “Feminists” since the dawn of feminism: Women should never be objectified and seen as the sum of their sexual parts … “Feminists” in the “Progressive” age: Whatever it is I’m against it and here are my boobs and pink pussy to accentuate my point!!!!

Now for the red meat self-righteous Hollywooden-headed limo-libs as they clutch their $100K gift bags and golden idols while shoving their self-righteous political pontifications through the TV screens yet again…

89th Annual Academy Awards - Show

A-listers flew eyebrow artist 7,500 miles to do their brows for the Oscars … Remember now, these are our “settled science” climate change betters.

Actress Viola Davis: “We are the only profession that celebrates what it means to live a life.”

And you thought all the sexual controversy was on stage between presenter Brie Larson and Casey ‘sexual harassment’ Affleck


Hollywood hates Pres. Donald “grab her pussy” Trump, but embraces recently prison-released registered sex offender as a “welcome into our paradise, little people” show prop…offender1offender2offender3offender4

And some well-done meat with red-eye controversy


Irony: DNC Required Voter ID and Paper Ballots for Chair Vote.

Howard University’s president visited the White House, to the ridicule of anti-Trump student activists

At Academy Awards Mexican Actor (Gael Garcia-Bernal ) Who Idolizes Che Guevara Denounced President Trump
“Mexicans are mostly a rabble of illiterate Indians.” (Che Guevara, 1956.)

Our intellectual overlords:

Leah Fessler @LeahFessler
editorial fellow @qz Ideas | feminist / side-eye enthusiast | @middlebury alum | formerly @ bridgewater associates | lfessler@qz.com

Taking ‘moonbat’ to new heights, and she’s running for congress

Animal rescue finds dogs left behind amid tons of trash at Dakota Access protest camp

REALLY!? Sarah Silverman explains choice between ‘motherhood’ & living ‘fullest life’


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